The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 12

Just as he had anticipated, the time when he would be completely out of work had come around. Mr. Sillow’s once-waning cash flow had now completely dried up. Residents of the town had had enough of his sporadic antics, and they didn’t hide their feelings about it. Although he hadn’t actually been sighted, a resident of the town had spotted Mr. Sillow’s buggy speeding past her home at around 2:30 in the morning a few months earlier as he frantically made his way back home following his visit to Amanda’s residence. His oversized midnight blue buggy hinted with ornamental gold bulbs on the four corners of its roof was unmistakable. The sighting had caused a whole slew of new speculations to arise. Some of the townspeople believed that Amanda was on the inside of the buggy with her overly-obsessed lover and was making an exodus out of Yarmouth with him in the wee hours of the morning. Others believed that he just gotten through meeting up with another one of the town’s innocent young girls. And some went as far as to say that he was speeding away from the burial plot he had just dug for his wife. Their belief was that he was planning to snuff Mrs. Sillow so that he could move Amanda into his home with him, a theory that law enforcement officials didn’t hesitate to follow up on. Just as before, however, with no evidence supporting the allegations, Mr. Sillow was released from custody.

With no foreseeable source of income in sight, having lost the respect of his family, and living in a community whose residents were now literally calling for his head, a dejected Mr. Sillow had reached rock bottom. It would have been in his best interest to just leave Yarmouth. He could move on and start his life anew in a town where he wouldn’t be judged or despised. But as intriguing as the thought was, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do such a thing without Amanda at his side; and he was willing to take the risk of losing his life to be with her. Thinking back, he recollected seeing a sparkle in her eyes when he mentioned to her that he loved her. His gut feeling was that she loved him as well.

By now the union between Mr. Sillow and his wife was unofficially null and void. They no longer had sexual intercourse and didn’t bother speaking to one another - not even making an effort to throw malicious comments in one another’s directions. His wife’s last words to him had been: “If you ever lay a hand on me or one of my children again, I am calling the police on you. And this time around I’ll personally see to it that you wind up behind bars.” Though tempted to choke the life out of her at that very instant, the short-tempered miscreant was left with no other option but to exercise self-restraint. The austere manner in which his wife had warned him let him know that she would indeed follow through with her threat. He was never the same from that day forward. Having taken heed of his wife’s word, Mrs. Sillow finally felt as though she had been freed of the mental chains her husband had bound her with for so many years. This newfound freedom afforded her the opportunity to do things the way she saw fit. She had resigned from her duties as a housewife and had taken up employment at a popular eatery in order to provide for herself and her nine children. But he house’s new breadwinner’s paycheck in conjunction with her tips wasn’t nearly enough to comfortably keep her and her dependents afloat, and she was compelled to find a second job. Not a penny of her hard-earned money was spent on her contemptible, good-for-nothing husband. In her mind, however he provided for himself was his business. With the moneys he had hidden from his wife when business for him was on the up-and-up rapidly dwindling, Mr. Sillow would have to take a gamble and turn to the treacherous underground world in order to sustain himself.

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