The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 17

By the time the meeting between Mr. Sillow and Mrs. Marshall was through, the highly intellectual academic was equipped with all the necessary information that he would need to begin amassing an illegal fortune of his own. With no time to waste, he opted to prematurely ditch his plan of travelling by way of the time-consuming sewerage system and took the risk of keeping the horse and carriage he had stolen earlier on in the day. As he pulled off from the grocery store, his aching stomach alerted him that dinnertime was drawing nigh; but with his funds running low, he decided to sacrifice spending any of his remaining moneys until after he began to see some sort of income.

He didn’t bother stopping home that evening. He shot straight past his house and began retracing the exact route that was responsible for almost landing him in the calaboose several months ago. As the beautiful, luxurious carriage made its way deeper into the lesser-developed and lesser-populated eastern part of Yarmouth, it garnered stares from locals out and about in search of pre-weekend entertainment before making its disappearance into the vast Yarmouth forest. Nobody suspected that he was behind the reins. Mr. Sillow was so glad that he had decided to keep that carriage after all. He was now just minutes away from reuniting with Amanda so that he could introduce her to a side of life that should under no circumstance ever be exposed to a child. He arrived at her house at the perfect time of the day. It was a late enough hour that ensured her parents would be fast asleep and yet still early enough for the peppy teenager to be wide awake and alert. Just as Amanda had instructed him to do on his return visit, he parked his horse and carriage at the back of the cottage - far away from her parents’ bedroom window, which was situated closer to the front of the home than the back - to reduce the chances of her parents being alerted that he was there again if his horse was to become discomposed. He then walked around to her room on the side of the house. Fearing that some of the residents he had seen prowling the streets just moments earlier may have followed the sumptuous carriage into the woods out of curiosity, Mr. Sillow cautiously looked over his shoulders as he made a few nervous taps on the young girl’s room window. Amanda immediately knew who had come to see her.

“Fred, I thought that I would never see you again,” she blurted exuberantly as she opened up her room window. “Why did you take so long to come back?”

“Because that old man gave me the creeps the last time I was here.” They both shared a laugh together over his facetious remark. “But I’m not ever gonna leave you for so long again; and from now on we are going to be spending a lot of time together. I promise you that. As a matter of fact, we can begin spending some valuable time together right now. I need you to come somewhere with me.”

“Where are we -?”

“Don’t ask me any questions, Amanda,” Mr. Sillow interrupted. The smile on his face was now gone and his expression was unnerving. “Now, pack some clothes inside of a bag - preferably some dresses that you’ve outgrown and some skirts - and meet me at the back of the house when you’re through. Oh, and bring enough food out of the kitchen to last us for a few days as well.”

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