The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 18

“Fred! Fred!” Amanda yelled hysterically from her bedroom window. Mr. Sillow came darting back around to the side of the house to find out why his little friend sounded so jittery. “Here, grab this bag,” she ordered. After reaching up and hastily tossing the suitcase to the ground, Mr. Sillow grabbed Amanda beneath her armpits and lifted her out of the window. Once her feet had touched the ground, he grabbed her by the hand and began running her over to the carriage while toting the tattered piece of luggage in his other hand.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to rush you, Amanda, but we are so late. We have to hurry, my dear.” More than anything, Mr. Sillow just wanted to be out of the area of her home. His body was shaking like the leaves on the forest trees that surrounded him, for based on his past experiences, something dreadful was guaranteed to come out of his latest visit to the cottage. But as of the moment, everything was smooth sailing as they began travelling northwest for the city of Boston.

“Fred, where are we going?” Amanda asked after they had arrived in a section of Yarmouth that she had never before seen in her life.

“You, my friend, are going to the city of Boston. I’m pretty sure you will like it there,” Mr. Sillow uttered while slovenly chomping down onto a piece of unleavened bread that Amanda had packed inside the suitcase. “It’s a really historic place, you know. From that city sprung some of the most memorable moments to ever take place within any of this beautiful country’s given 50 states. Such instances include the Boston Tea Party and the all-important American Revolution. Resilient people those…” Mr. Sillow stopped midway in his sentence after shooting a glance over at Amanda and seeing the ambiguous expression upon her face, a look that said she was either confused or highly uninterested in what he was saying to her. “Uhh emmm….” After embarrassingly clearing his throat, Mr. Sillow said to her: “Forgive me, Amanda. It’s just that I sometimes forget that I’m talking to a teenager. You are so developed and mature and pretty for your age.” His statement got his passenger to blushing. Childish flattery was the trump card he would always pull out on her whenever he said or did something off-putting. “But, um, it’s growing quite late, and we ought to be getting some rest right about now. But I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t pack a blanket when I looked into the bag that you brought along. I will have to tuck you near to my heart on the inside of my cloak tonight in order to keep you warm.” Amanda shook her head in compliance while letting out a huge yawn, completely ignorant to what she had just agreed to in her state of drowsiness. “Go ahead and climb over into the backseat, then.” Reluctantly, Amanda hoisted her tiny body over the back of the front row seat and flopped onto the plush padding of the backseat, belly-first. While making her way into the back of the carriage, the ever-watchful eyes of Mr. Sillow couldn’t help but notice that the young girl wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath her short nightdress. He was instantly aroused.

Amanda quickly began to fall asleep without the aid of Mr. Sillow’s bodily warmth. She had been up all day tending to her sickly parents and was completely exhausted by the end of the day. “Don’t worry, I’m coming to warm you up right now,” Mr. Sillow shouted from the front seat of the carriage, struggling to contain the excitement in his voice. His intention was to keep her awake for as long as he possibly could. He had plans for her. So eager was he to get beside her before she closed her eyes that he didn’t even bother properly pulling the carriage off of the pathway for the night. “Are you still up, Amanda?” he asked as he climbed over into the back of the carriage. A yawn was her reply. She was still awake, but just barely. Mr. Sillow quickly unbuttoned his cloak and lay down beside her, completely enshrouding her. Now both cocooned beneath the sweeping cloak, he allowed his hand to stray from the middle of her back to the bottom of her buttocks, where her thighs met, wedged his hand between her legs, and casually slipped a finger into her never-before-explored vaginal canal. Amanda flinched. No longer was she in a state of inertia. In contrast, she was now wincing and making light, sensual moaning sounds. Despite having never received the speech about the birds and the bees from her parents, Amanda’s God-given instincts let her know that Mr. Sillow had ventured into a cavity of her body that he shouldn’t have.

“What are you doing to me?” she managed to ask through soft groans.

Her fondler’s tone of voice had now been reduced to a romantic whisper. “Shhhhhhh, honey. Don’t you worry about what I’m doing. Just lie still and enjoy the moment.” And that was exactly what she did.

“Mmmuuuggghhhhh, uyyuuhhhh.” Amanda was now squeezing tightly onto Mr. Sillow’s wrist as he slowly manipulated his middle finger around inside of her. The warmth of her vaginal canal relayed intense erogenous signals from his moistened finger to his brain, inevitably culminating his desire for penile penetration. Her senses heightened, Amanda distinctly heard the chinkle of his belt buckle as he loosened his belt with his free hand. After tenderly stroking himself for several minutes, Mr. Sillow slid his finger out of her and coaxed her over onto her back. Looking upon her face, he began to wonder if he was actually the first person she had had sexual contact with. Her head was tilted back, her eyes were fully closed, and she was biting down on her bottom lip. She seemed experienced, like someone who was more than ready for what was about to come next. That was until he inserted his stout, uncircumcised penis into her.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Stop! Stop it, please!” Amanda cried out in great agony as her hymen was repeatedly stretched to its farthermost point and then searingly torn inside of her body. The sight of her virgin blood draining down his shaft and balls farther fed Mr. Sillow’s sadistic fantasies.

“You… know… that… I… always… wanted… this… young… tight… pussy,” he grunted in unison with his torturous stokes. Concerned that anybody happening to be passing by at such an inopportune time would hear the damsel’s cries of distress, Mr. Sillow covered her mouth with one of his hands while she continued her attempts to get him off of her. But her weak pushes against his chest moved him nowhere and her kicking efforts were suppressed by his heavy weight burdening down on her crotch. The 92-pound girl endured close to two hours of unforgiveable rough sex. Making matters worse, a load of sperm was deposited inside of her at the end of the traumatic ordeal. She never did get to sleep that night. How could she fall asleep on a seat that was now permanently stained with her very blood? Instead, she sat up all night with wide, daffy eyes just staring at her attacker as he slept comfortably. Mr. Sillow awoke the following morning to her meshugge glare.

“Amanda, about last night,” he began to explain while picking away at the dried up rheum in the corner of his eyes and sitting up, “what we did was really quite normal. It’s something that people do when they love one another. I wasn’t hurting you like you may have thought I was. I care about you, remember?” Amanda didn’t reply, and the expression on her face didn’t change, obligating Mr. Sillow to carry on with his therapeutic speech. “I understand that the whole experience may have been a little uncomfortable, but you will get used to it once we begin doing it more often. I promise.” Staring back into her eyes, Mr. Sillow slowly began to stretch his hand out towards her head. She didn’t budge. Soon his hand had made it to the crown of her head, and he was gently stroking it. And with this final gesture of concerned sincerity, the tears began to stream from Amanda’s eyes.

“I love you too, Fred!” the unstable teenager exclaimed as she snapped out of her paralytic state, crawled closer to the cretin who had just raped her a few hours ago, and sprang into his arms. Her capricious act left Mr. Sillow dumbfounded, but he just went along with the flow.

“You know that I’m willing to do absolutely anything for you, Amanda; just as long as you would be down to do anything for me. And you would do anything for me if you really love me like you say you do.”

“I swear that I will please you in any way possible, Fred. And don’t you ever question my love for you,” Amanda replied with utmost fervor. Mr. Sillow immediately began to shed tears knowing that he had finally gotten the one thing in life that he had sacrificed everything for: Amanda’s heart. The new couple then exchanged several passionate kisses and bawled their eyes out together until Mr. Sillow’s mind wandered back on the purpose of their road trip. Peeling her hands from around his neck, he advised her to get some sleep, for she was going to have to be very active within a few hours’ time.

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