The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 20

As Mr. Sillow and Amanda made their departure out of Boston, Mr. Sillow could sense an uneasy ambience dominating the young girl’s spirit in spite of his inebriated state. But getting into the details of what she had endured over the course of the past week was a topic of discussion that he intended to stay far away from. With the help of Giovanni Paparazzo, the procurer he had handed her over to at the auberge, Mr. Sillow now had enough money in his pockets not only to support his drinking mores but also to carry him over for months on end. As it turned out, Amanda was a cash cow. Her tender age resulted in a hefty fee being levied against her interested bedmates. Word quickly spread around the area of the availability of the rare underage prostitute, and by the end of the week, Amanda had lain with almost 50 men. Less than an hour into their trip back to Yarmouth, Mr. Sillow’s inebriation got the better of him, and he began sympathizing the magnitude of what Amanda had been putting up with while he had been patronizing speakeasies, gambling, meeting up with some of the other contacts he had obtained from Mrs. Marshall, and trying to convince Mr. Paparazzo to give him a greater percentage of Amanda’s overall earnings. Reaching into his right pant pocket, he pulled out an unorganized wad of bills that messily spilled over from his unsteady hands to the floor of the carriage. At once he brought the carriage to a stop, rapaciously snatched up every note that had fallen, placed them back together as neatly as he possibly could, and secured them away in his shirt pocket. Then, digging back into the same pocket from which he had retrieved the bills, he pulled out a fistful of coins and rested them in Amanda’s lap.

“Why are you giving me this money?” the girl asked with furrowed brows.

“Because I love you,” Mr. Sillow replied drunkenly.

“Yea, you and all those other men, huh?” Amanda shot back contemptuously before jumping over into the backseat of the carriage, where she burst out into tears. Her breakdown was a sign of growth and maturity. No longer was she mommy’s and daddy’s precious little girl. Her eyes had been fully opened to the realities of an unsavory world by the wicked deceit of a man - just as was the case with Eve when Lucifer had persuaded her to lie down with him in the beginning of days.

“Haven’t we already been through this on the way here? You specifically told me that you would do anything for me. Yet, here I am trying to do everything in my power to provide a better life for you and me, and you just can’t seem to see it.” Mr. Sillow was growing more and more irate as he went on with his reprimand. His ebullition provided Amanda with yet another glimpse of the man he would permanently transform into in the future. His rant had instilled so much fear into her that the tears she had been shedding had dried up and she was now on her p’s and q’s in the back of the carriage. “Your grandfather is dying. Have you ever thought about who’s gonna look after you once he passes away? You must start thinking like a grown-up now. You just need to do what I say, and everything is going to work out fine, okay?”

Stricken with fear, Amanda’s nerves prohibited her from making a response. “Fine, ignore me. I oughta stop this carriage right now and teach you a lesson, little girl. I’m much older than you are, so show some respect and treat me as though I am. I’ve gat kids your age, you know.

“Anyway, by evening time I’ll have you back home to your grandfather; and, in all honesty, you look like a total mess. You need to lie down right now and take a nap.” Amanda didn’t hesitate to lay her body down in the seat, and in a few minutes’ time, she had fallen off into a deep sobbing-induced sleep.

Amanda’s peaceful rest was abruptly interrupted by an extremely flustered Mr. Sillow. “Wake up, baby, you’re home. Get up so that I can put you inside through your room window.” When she opened up her eyes, the sun was in the process of tucking itself away beneath the horizon. Mr. Sillow had once again parked his carriage around at the back of the cottage and was fighting to snap her out of her grogginess. The sooner that he could get out of the area of her home, the sooner he could regain some peace of mind. The last thing that he wanted again was to become a suspect of interest in connection to the little girl’s latest disappearance. “Amanda, hurry up, for God’s sake! I’ve gatta get going!” And with his latest urging, the cumbersome child began moving at a more quickened pace. Once he had helped her into her room, his last order to her was to be prepared for another trip to Boston in the next seven days. Not surprisingly, the girl’s father had all intentions of thwarting her pedophile lover’s plans.

Amanda was awoken the morning after her return home by a sharp blow to her rear end from Mr. Toffer’s walking cane. In the past, she would have complained to herself in her head about such an incident, but today was different. The frustration that had been mounting up inside of her over the past week brought her to lash out against her father.

“What in the world is your problem, old man?” she asked while clutching onto her throbbing butt cheeks.

“And exactly who do you think you’re talking to, young lady? Where have you just gotten home from? All of this has something to do with that crazy man from the fair, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t you dare talk about Fred in that way. You don’t know him. He’s not just some crazy man. He is my boyfriend. I love him and he loves me very much. And where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing is none of your damn business.”

“Oh noooo!” Mr. Toffer wailed as he dropped down to one knee in tears, “my daughter’s sacred virginity. My God! why? So all along you’ve been off being some man’s slut while your mother and I have been here worried sick about you.”

“Maybe that’s because the two of you were already actually sick,” Amanda quipped. Discomfited by her last remark, the raging battle of words between the two ended with the old man gripping onto his chest and struggling to catch air. It was impossible to get through to his young daughter, who now considered herself a woman. She had returned home with an obscured outlook on life, and the more time that she spent with Mr. Sillow would only further worsen her mentality.

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