The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 21

Just as he had promised, Mr. Sillow returned to retrieve Amanda in exactly seven days. As was his MO, he parked his carriage at the back of the cottage, walked around to her room on the side of the house, knocked on her window, and nervously began looking over his shoulders while waiting for her to acknowledge his arrival. When he hadn’t gotten a response after nearly 30 seconds had passed, he balled his fist up and began motioning to make another several taps on her window. But when he lifted his head up this time, he was looking directly into the fiery squinted eyes of Mr. Toffer.

“Jesus!” Mr. Sillow said in his normal voice, forgetting that he had been in character the first time the two of them had met one another, “you scared the crap outta me!”

“So where did that annoying twang of yours disappear to… Fred?” Mr. Toffer asked the astonished visitor angrily, but with an eerily calm demeanor. Mr. Sillow couldn’t even fix his mouth to try and lie. His hoax was up. “I thought I told you that I didn’t want to see you around here anymore. My daughter’s told me everything about you, and I’ve been sleeping in her room awaiting your return ever since you brought her back home last week. But I’ll tell you what, since I’m not getting through to you, perhaps Yarmouth’s police officers will be able to. The next time you decide to return here, you can expect to be handcuffed, prosecuted, and buried beneath this town’s jail.”

Mr. Sillow was just about to make a dash for the carriage and head back into seclusion indefinitely when Amanda came strolling outside, suitcase in tote, from around the front of the house. “Oh, quit bitching, daddy.” She then dropped her bag to the ground, jumped up into Mr. Sillow’s arms, and kissed him on the lips before adding: “And when I get back home, I’d really appreciate it if I can have my room back. Thanks.” Mr. Toffer knew that there was nothing else he could say that would affect his daughter’s decision to leave. All he could do was stand motionless in her room window and look on helplessly as Mr. Sillow rode off into the night with his young child.

“The way you handled that situation back there was really amazing, Amanda.” Mr. Sillow was pouring unlimited amounts of praise onto her as they headed up to Boston. Her bold stance had guaranteed him another handsome sum of earnings at the end of the week. “I had no idea that the old guy was your father, though. All along I’ve been calling him your grandfather, yet you’ve never corrected me.”

“Well, he always acts like a strict, grumpy old grandpa, so I never found it necessary to clear that up.”

As if he were bipolar, Mr. Sillow’s chuckle was just as quickly replaced by simultaneous emissions of anger, ecstasy, and remorse. “Baby, I wanna talk to you about something really serious right now,” he said as he tightly clinched one of his fists and made a wincing expression. “About your father, that old geezer is threatening the very foundation of our future. Now, I don’t know about you, but there’s no way in hell I can put up with this for too much longer. His actions are really starting to get to me now, and I’ll be the first person to tell you that I hate your father. If this idiotic and immature behavior of his continues, I’m going to have to ask you to do something that I know you’ll feel a little bit uncomfortable about having to do. But no matter what, just don’t back out on me.”

“I’ll do whatever you need me to do, Fred,” Amanda promised. “Trust me, I hate my father too.”

One hundred percent certain that the hate he had for Amanda’s father was mutual, Mr. Sillow took the threat that Mr. Toffer made towards him before he made his departure for Boston very seriously. Hence, on his return from the capital, he rode Amanda only halfway through the woods to her home out of fear that officers would be at the cottage waiting to apprehend him at Mr. Toffer’s request. The spot where he dropped her off also became the area that he collected her from each week from there on in. And although police officers weren’t waiting at the house to lock anybody up on that particular day, Amanda once again had to put up with her father’s unbearable excoriation. After breaking into her home that night through its faulty back door, her father repeatedly brought up the issue of his wife’s rapid health declination as a result of Amanda not being in place to pick up the necessary medications for her throughout the week.

“Your mother is so disappointed in you, little girl,” Mr. Toffer irately revealed to her. “I really don’t think she has much longer to live, and you just abandon her for some strange man when she needs you most. You really oughta be ashamed of yourself, Amanda.”

“What the hell have you been planting into mom’s head about me? Maybe now you can understand why I hate you so much. I’ve honestly lost absolutely all respect for you from this moment on, and I will never forgive you. I’m going to clear things up with mom right now.”

Just as she was about to head out of the room, her father scurried over to the doorway and stood inside of it, hindering her from exiting. “Oh no you won’t. Your mother specifically told me that she doesn’t want to see you. But she did ask me to present you with this very straightforward ultimatum: ‘Fred or us.’ The choice is yours. If you get rid of Fred, we can be a family again. What do you have to say to that?”

“Hmmm, let me think. How about you get out of the doorway or I break every bone in your frail and withering body to get you out of my way?” The argument escalated from there without Amanda resorting to any physical violence, but a wealth of physical abuse would be soon to befall her.

For months Mr. Paparazzo had sat in on every one of Amanda’s sex sessions due to her vulnerability. But eventually after a period of time, her regular clients began requesting private sessions with her in exchange for an additional fee. When Mr. Paparazzo presented Mr. Sillow with their proposal, Amanda’s money-hungry lover didn’t hesitate to take them up on their offer and readily set the rate for the special privilege. That decision opened the door for the barbaric cretins who found sex with a minor acceptable to even further compartmentalize the adolescent’s vitiated outlook on life. All alone with their mere sex object in the basement of the auberge, the majority of Amanda’s disturbed clients fulfilled their sick sexual desires by choking her until her face turned dark purple and her eyes rolled up in the back of her head while ramming her. Of course, the condoms were off too. And as was the case with most women involved in the dangerous practice of prostitution, she would suffer a fair share of injuries over the course of her career. Injuries she sustained included a broken nose, cracked ribs, a fractured pelvis, chipped teeth, skull fractures, and numerous burns and lacerations about her body. But her streak of bad luck wouldn’t end just there. Amongst her wealth of horny clients, sexually transmitted diseases were rampant. Amanda’s perpetually itchy and irritated vagina as well as her other STD-related symptoms and signs were a result of the herpes simplex virus, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis A and B. Only God alone knows how she evaded the incurable fatal disease of AIDS. Well, indeed He was the one who must have spared her from it. But it seemed that even He was powerless to deliver her from the hands of her beastly boyfriend. After nearly a year of unprotected sex with her growing clientele and continual intercourse with Mr. Sillow, Amanda finally conceived a child. Of course her father went berserk after witnessing her stomach begin to bulge out in the front of her, but it was Mr. Sillow who went over the top with his reaction to the ordeal. A far five months into her pregnancy and afraid of how her unappealing appearance and clumsy movements would affect the sale of her body, he one day repeatedly punched her belly until the fetus became detached from her womb and fell dead to the ground. All the once-expecting mother could do was stand over the still body, abhorred, bewailing her precious loss. “Whenever you become pregnant, I must be sure that the child is mine,” Mr. Sillow insouciantly divulged to her just seconds before he carried out the inhumane abortion method. Now aware that the girl was able to bear children, the next time that Mr. Sillow took her to see her medical practitioner for the treatment of her STDs, he insisted that the doctor also prescribe some pregnancy-preventing herbs that should be incorporated into her diet. And with a promising solution for any future unwanted pregnancies having been put in place, it was back to business as usual for Mr. Sillow’s juvenile doxy.

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