The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 23

Mrs. Toffer’s cadaver was instrumental in bringing placidity back into the always-contentious household. After sleeping her anger from the previous night off, the morning following Mrs. Toffer’s passing, both Amanda and her father spent a significant portion of the day beside the body in silence as they paid their last respects to a woman whom they had loved, cherished, and admired without boundaries. It seemed as though the late Mrs. Toffer had succeeded in bringing Amanda and her father closer together after all. The two had somehow managed to subdue all of the tension and animosity that they had for one another until Amanda innocently asked her father what his plans were for her mother’s remains. In his present state of emotional instability, Mr. Toffer went into a hissy fit. That was when she hit him for the first time. Stunned, Mr. Toffer gazed at his daughter in disbelief before going into a tizzy over the unexpected strike. That was when she hit him yet again… and again… and again. All of the anger and frustration that had been accumulating inside of her ever since her life-altering encounter with Mr. Sillow was being taken out on her disabled father. So far, Amanda was breaking the promises she had made to her mother less than 24 hours ago. She would eventually end up breaking all of those promises when she found herself on her way back to the capital with Mr. Sillow before the month was even up.

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