The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 29

Barbarity was all that Mr. Sillow had ever used over the course of his life to get what he wanted out of people. Why? Because it worked. It had become the cornerstone of him and his wife’s relationship, as it was the only way that he had ever known to keep his sometimes unruly missus in check. And to now see her holding something back from him instantly triggered him off, because she knew that secrets and lies were two things that he detested with a passion. Furthermore, she knew that whenever her husband got riled up he would lose all consciousness of the world around him and zone in completely on his target. Now, the couple’s newborn baby lie on the cold living room floor wailing while her father’s hands - which little Sondra were gently being held in just seconds ago - were viciously being used to try and pummel a confession out of her mother. Although the stubborn Mrs. Sillow didn’t crack under the physical abuse and come out with what she was concealing from her husband, she received a beating so injurious that she would no longer be able to make her nighttime escape from the cottage with her child - no matter how bad she wanted to. Adding insult to injury, the bag of money that Mrs. Sillow had stashed beneath the bed was discovered by her husband. The discovery automatically let him know that his wife was planning on getting out of their unhealthy relationship. That was something that he couldn’t afford. He had invested too much time into her, and as far as he was concerned, she wouldn’t be going anywhere. While Mrs. Sillow lay in bed recuperating from the beating that she had sustained at the hands of her out of control husband, Mr. Sillow had taken it upon himself to place metal bars over the cottage’s windows and change all of the house’s locks. Methodically, he had placed the metal bars on the inside of the house, making it impossible for his wife to even touch the cottage’s easily-breakable glass windows with outstretched hands. He had created a prison that he was sure his wife would be unable to escape from. With only him having access to the house’s new set of keys, Mr. Sillow’s intention was for his wife to never place her feet on the soil of the earth ever again.

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