The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 30

Sondra was basically being raised under the exact same conditions that her mother had been raised: she was being schooled at home and believed that her and her parents were Earth’s only inhabitants. And now that the locks to the house had been changed, she too would be ignorant of the real world that existed beyond the cottage’s doors for a very long time. Really, the only thing that differed between the growing-up experiences of the now six-year-old child and her mother was the fact that Mrs. Sillow never once saw her parents quarrel and fight with one another. The late Mr. and Mrs. Toffer had done their absolute best to set a good example for their daughter with every action that they made. Sadly, in Sondra’s case, the same thing couldn’t be said. Every day she would observe her parents engage in a tug-of-war battle for her love and affection, with their jejune arguments sometimes developing into full-fledged physical combats. To see her mother take such verbal and physical abuse for as long as she could remember, Sondra’s pure heart went out to her. No longer was she the oblivious neonate that knew nothing of what was taking place around her. She had developed into a highly intuitive, loving child who found her father’s actions to be nothing short of reproachable. But as much as she loathed her dad’s Neanderthal-like behavior, Mr. Sillow would always have an alibi to give her that he honestly believed justified his reasons for putting his hands on her mother. Not knowing any better, the innocent child would readily swallow every word that came out of her father’s mouth. Seeing how gullible her child was would absolutely burn Mrs. Sillow up inside. With each passing day, she was beginning to hate her own daughter more and more. She could see that her husband was slowly but surely turning her own flesh and blood against her. Mrs. Sillow determined that her daughter would have to be punished for always taking her father’s side over hers.

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