The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 31

As much as he tried, Mr. Sillow couldn’t keep his daughter away from her mother every minute of every day. One afternoon as he was sleeping in him and his wife’s bedroom, Mrs. Sillow got the perfect opportunity to take vengeance against her cruel husband by hurting the only person who he gave a damn about besides himself in the entire world: his precious little girl. Of course there had been numerous other times when Mrs. Sillow could have interacted with or beheaded Sondra if she had so chose, but fear of her husband’s retaliation hindered her from even looking at her daughter’s shadow. Now fed up with life on the whole, the embattled abused wife had reached the point where she had started not to give a damn and stopped fearing the consequences - despite being well aware that she could potentially lose her life for making the wrong move. “Pssssttt!” the on-edge mother sounded from the living room to get the attention of her daughter, who was down the hallway lingering in the doorway of the room that her father was asleep in. Once Sondra’s attention was focused on her mother, Mrs. Sillow hysterically began signaling for her to make her way over to her; but her frisky movements made the young girl extremely apprehensive. Her father had filled her head with an abundance of fictional statements regarding her mother, making little Sondra deeply fear the rumored “witch” who was now desperately trying to lure her over to her side. Picking up on her daughter’s fret, Mrs. Sillow had to quickly come up with a new plan to coax her daughter over to her before the terrified girl decided to disappear into the room with her father and possibly wake him up to tell him about what was going on. As she began bending her head down towards the ground to try and quickly think up a new idea to get her daughter over to her, her eyes happened to stray upon something that was very dear to her little girl’s heart. Lying on the floor beside the chair that she was seated in was Sondra’s favorite toy, a doll baby. Snatching it up off of the floor, the wily Mrs. Sillow began to cuddle and caress the doll baby as though it were her own. The unconventional method of manipulation worked; little Sondra came running down the hallway to retrieve and protect the doll that she considered to be her daughter. That doll was her responsibility, and she refused to let any harm befall her. The way that Sondra reacted to the situation let Mrs. Sillow know that her child was being deeply affected by the unwholesome actions of her and her husband. All of a sudden, she began to feel an immense sense of guilt for the way her daughter was behaving. “I promise I won’t let that witch hurt you,” was all the little girl kept repeating as she cradled her beloved doll in her arms. There was no way that Mrs. Sillow could physically harm her child after seeing her exhibit such disturbing behavior. She realized that what her daughter needed was some serious guidance and counseling; not a severe beating just so her selfish desires could be appeased. Although ailing mentally and in dire need of help herself, Mrs. Sillow took it upon herself to be her daughter’s counselor.

“Sondra, I wasn’t going to hurt your doll, you know,” her mother disclosed to her after grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her around to face her. “And shame on you for even thinking that I would ever harm you in any way. You have no idea just how much I love you, because your father refuses to allow me to be the mommy that I would like to be to you. Please don’t believe everything that he says to you. I love you just as much as he does.”

That was the first time that Mrs. Sillow had shared such an intimate moment with her daughter since the day she had given birth to her. Having felt a strong connection with her mother’s words, the congenitally softhearted girl dropped her doll baby and wrapped her arms around her mother. “I love you too, mommy,” Sondra said with tears in her wide, believing eyes. “I love you, but dad told me that if he ever saw me around you he would treat me as though I were a dog.”

Now Mrs. Sillow’s gloves were off. Her husband hadn’t carried that little girl around inside of him for nine months. He had no idea how much pain she had endured over the course of her pregnancy. He had no clue that she had almost died on that toilet the day that she brought their little girl into the world. Realizing that she was wrong to have wanted to hurt her daughter herself, Mrs. Sillow decided to join forces with her if there was to be any chance of making changes inside of the broken home. She had some really important things to impart to her daughter, and she had to do it before her husband woke up. She didn’t want to put her daughter’s safety in limbo, for she knew that Mr. Sillow would follow through with his threat to the innocent child. At the end of Mrs. Sillow’s succinct heart-to-heart with her daughter, a plan to secure a better future for the both of them had been established. The only question now was: How well would Sondra be able to execute this plan?

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