The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 34

Even Sondra’s wildest child-like imagination could not have prepared her for what she walked into. Just beyond the hushed woods, a bustling area of commerce subsisted. Her senses were instantaneously blitzed by unfamiliar sounds, sights, and smells. The intensity of the whole experience immediately incapacitated her, leaving her standing frozen in place. Street merchants who were screaming at the fear-smitten youngster to purchase their schlocky artifacts only became cognizant of the adverse affects that their pushiness was having on her when she fell prostrate to the ground and began bawling her eyes out. Though the vast majority of them automatically jumped to the conclusion that she was retarded, that still didn’t hinder them from trying to make a quick dollar off of her. But the child had no mental deficiencies whatsoever; her brain was actually in overdrive at the moment in an effort to help her perceive and make sense of all her new encounters. The organ’s dire efforts would go without reward, however. Sondra was simply overwhelmed. There were too many individuals speaking at once, and the decibel level in the area was much too harsh for her tender little ears to even attempt to make sense of anything that was being said to her. The English that these seemingly-possessed merchants were speaking came off more as a foreign language to her ears. The competing sellers spoke almost as swiftly as an auctioneer would, completely muddling the young girl’s already-traumatized mind. Her mother and father spoke much differently than these people did; and even though she knew that her family had its own substantial share of issues, she couldn’t help but think in the moment that the residents of Yarmouth were an extremely dysfunctional bunch of people. She had to get away from them. Using all the might that remained within her shell-shocked body, Sondra pulled herself up off of the ground and hobbled back into the woods to reunite with her awaiting father. She was more than ready to return to her home, which had surprisingly been an at-peace domicile for longer than a quarter of a year now.

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