The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 39

When Mrs. Sillow regained consciousness, she was still lying in the spot where her husband had knocked her out cold. Mr. Sillow had been eavesdropping on the conversation between his wife and his daughter long enough to hear certain things that highly displeased him, and, as usual, his wife paid a brutal price for her slipup. Sadly, Mrs. Sillow had become so accustomed to such random acts of abuse being taken out against her that the attack didn’t faze her in the least bit. Once she felt that she could stand up without her legs giving way from underneath of her, she simply picked herself up from off of the floor and made her way into the kitchen to begin preparing dinner. Mr. Sillow wasn’t through with disciplining her, though.

“The last time that my daughter was here, you saw the way that disrespectful little bitch ignored me,” he vented to his wife the moment she stepped foot into the kitchen area, where he had been guzzling down some cold water in an effort to try and suppress his anger. But the cup of water didn’t help him in the least bit. Perhaps it would have had the majority of the water ended up in his system instead of on his chin and on his dark green pajama shirt. “I raised her from she was nothing because you didn’t have enough sense to perform your basic motherly duties, something that is a natural, God-given endowment. Yet, she comes here to see you. Why all of a sudden am I no longer of any significance to her? What have I done to her that’s so horrible that she can’t even just say hello to me anymore?

“Anyway, that’s beside the point right now. After she left, I specifically told you that I didn’t want her around my house anymore. Now today you have the gall to stand outside of my front door with her and tell her that you don’t love me. Amanda, if I was still in possession of just a half of the physical strength that I had a couple years ago, I would have beaten you to death right here in this kitchen this evening. There were so many things that you’ve done in the past that I’ve wanted to kill you for, but what you did a moment ago really crossed the line. I don’t care for the little girl anymore, but don’t you ever bad-mouth me to my child again.”

“Yes, my dear husband, I apologize. I guarantee you that you won’t be seeing that little bitch around here anymore. I don’t know why she continues to come here when I’ve asked her not to. If she feels that it’s okay to come and visit me once every few years, she’s gat another thing coming.” With every word that came out of her mouth, Mrs. Sillow was beginning to ponder heavily upon what her daughter had been saying to her. Perhaps she didn’t have to be in the predicament that she was allowing herself to remain stuck in. Despite having become accustomed to mistreatment over the years, she was absolutely sick and tired of being her husband’s puppet. Every action that she made and everything that she said was to please him. If he would just show her some kind of appreciation and respect every now and again, she would be more than happy to put up with his bullshit. Yet, she was giving her all to someone whom she got absolutely nothing from in return. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Apparently, wisdom hadn’t accompanied her aging process.

She realized that she had made the biggest mistake of her life several days later. Mrs. Sillow was beating herself up inside for not taking Sondra up on her offer. Unfortunately, there was no second chance to be had at receiving a similar offer at freedom, for Sondra had vowed to never return back to the cottage. She didn’t lie. Mrs. Sillow had allowed her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to slip away.

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