The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 41

Fair to say, Sondra was at an age when nature more than likely would have already imposed an interest in the opposite sex upon her.

“You know that you don’t have anyplace to sleep tonight, right?” Jonathan asked her as she intently stared up into his immersing light brown eyes with a wry smile that had somehow broken through the grimace on her face. The boy was just beautiful. His long, cascading strands of hair, which reached down beyond the middle of his back, were neatly bound together in a ponytail, and every word that came out of his razor-thin pink lips was like music to her ears. “I could tell that that guy was nuts from the first day that he arrived here in Idaho? I mean, who goes running into a river, scraping its floor with their bare hands in hopes of coming up with a handful of gold nugget chunks? What a goose.”

“Yea, that’s my dad for ya,” Sondra said in a bit of pain as she sat up and gently rubbed her tender face. “Which way did he go, anyway?” she asked. Now that she was in an upright position, Jonathan quickly picked up on signs of fear and worry in her body language.

“Don’t worry; three guys escorted him away from this area after he attacked you. The only way you’ll be seeing him again today is if he decides to come looking for you to finish off what he started.”

Sondra sat quietly, soaking in everything that Jonathan had been saying to her. “Oh goodness, this man is going to kill me! I must get out of this place! But where in the world am I to going to go!? Where the hell am I going to stay!?” she uttered frantically after she had played out her life as a vagabond inside of her head. “There’s nobody here who I can turn to!” Sondra was trying, rather unsuccessfully, to come to grips with her new reality. But before she completely freaked out, Jonathan intervened and allayed her concerns.

“Ummm, I live all by myself; and I would be too wrong to not offer you a place to rest your head. So, with that being said, do you wanna stay with me?” he asked her.

Just when Sondra thought that nothing could have topped having her cheek touched by his hands, Jonathan sent her to heaven with the last set of words that came out of his mouth.

Sondra’s mind had already been made up from the moment that she heard his question, but she pretended to think it over in her head so that her secret crush wouldn’t feel as though she was imposing the responsibility of taking care of her on him. All the while Jonathan sat looking at her with an eager expression covering his face. “Yea, I think I just am gonna move in with you,” Sondra eventually came out with.

“Alright, well, if we’re going to be living together now, I think it’s a good idea if you at least knew my name. I’m Jonathan…”

Introductions out of the way, the two would end up forging an extremely close relationship - a sexual relationship; a drug-using relationship.

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