The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 50

On the last day of the following month, Sondra once again attempted reaching Presley. This time around, however, her calling time was much more reasonable. She called precisely at 7:00 p.m., just as her mother had instructed her to do the previous month.

“So now you want to follow my orders,” Ms. Sillow stated upon taking her daughter’s call. Bitterness could be heard in her voice, heinous bitterness that made Sondra’s entire body tremble in concern. “You know, if you had been this obedient as a little girl, our relationship would have been rock solid.”

“I know, mother. I was a terrible little girl, and I feel like shit now that I’m thinking back on how much grief I’ve caused you.” Whatever was going on with her mother tonight, Sondra wasn’t too sure of; but she knew that she was going to have to hold her tongue, as the wrong choice of words would jeopardize her son’s well-being.

“Hmmm,” her mother breathed.

There was an awkward silence. “The… the boy, where is he?” Sondra eventually asked.

“He’s right here on my lap,” her mother informed her. “Just a second.”

Ms. Sillow positioned the telephone receiver near Presley’s mouth. “Hello,” Presley said softly as his eyes wanderingly zipped around the room, curious as to who was on the other end of the line for him.

“Presley,” his mother yelped. “How are you?”

“Mommy,” he shrieked.

Before the conversation between the two went any further, Ms. Sillow yanked the receiver away from Presley’s ear. “Sondra, I was just in the middle of telling the boy a story, and now you have caused him to completely lose interest,” she stated ballistically.

Though she was able to keep her temper in check earlier, Sondra could no longer bridle her tongue. “Put my son back on the phone now, you demented ass bitch,” she demanded.

“Have I upset you, Sondra?” her mother asked calmly, as though the temporary loss of her cool a second ago was purposely done just to rile her daughter up. “I really didn’t mean to. It’s just that you always call at the wrong times. Now, I see that you’ve established a pattern of calling on the last day of the month, and I did tell you that seven p.m. was an appropriate time to call here. So, from now on, on the final day of every month, you can call around this same time, and I will ensure that the boy will be able to take your calls. Good night, Sondra,” she said while simultaneously hanging up the phone on her.

Ms. Sillow was a jealous woman who meant every bit of what she had told Presley on the morning she collected him off of her doorstep.

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