The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 51

Sondra’s attempt to reach her son that night would turn out to be a grave mistake. Although his mother had never paid him much attention when he was in her care, she was the only person that he had ever known before he was involuntarily placed in the care of someone who was a complete and total stranger to him. And though he did come to love his grandmother very much, hearing his mother’s voice over the phone naturally made him long to be reconnected with her. As his hankering for his mother grew greater with each passing day, Ms. Sillow noticed a drastic change in the boy’s behavior. With each day that went by following that phone call, Presley became more and more rebellious. He no longer was the sweet, innocent little boy she had fallen in love with from the first day that she had taken him into her home as though he was her very own child.

Presley’s behavioral declination wound up bringing out a different side of his grandmother. The sweet old lady who once cherished and adored him was gone. Her insides had turned rotten, and her entire being was the epitome of evil. Story-time hour had been replaced with an hour of scolding; cuddles with grievous nightly beatings. And after a spirit of sorrow would have taken over her entity in the wake of all of her misdeeds, Ms. Sillow would stay up all night earnestly praying for forgiveness, all the while washing her entire body vigorously in her bathtub as a means of washing away her sins. The following day, the events of the previous day would be reenacted.

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