The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 60

At last the time had come for Mr. Cople and his wife to move into their new home. It was a Saturday morning, and a light drizzle of rain was falling down from the sky. Mr. Cople had the entire weekend off to just relax and enjoy the comfort of his new place, since all of the furniture had already been placed inside the house and arranged by the building crew. Given this morning’s weather conditions, it would have also been the perfect occasion for the couple to heat things up inside of their new bedroom for the first time. But money and business were what made Mr. Cople’s world go ’round, and the closer he got to his new residency, the more eager he became to close a deal with the mysterious woman in the cottage next door.

Ms. Sillow heard the noisy combustion of the engine under the hood of Mr. Cople’s sparkly red car as it approached what once was her very own peaceful domain. Nowadays the rich folks got around by the horsepower of an engine as opposed to the much slower horse and carriage. Ms. Sillow pulled back the curtain from over the window on the side of her house that was closest to her front door just enough to see the homeowners pull up to their brand-new home for the very first time. As she spied on them, she observed that the driver seemed to be more concerned with her home than he was with his own. First, he had almost driven his car into his porch because he was too busy focusing on her home, and he was now outside of his vehicle standing akimbo and looking her home up and down. Mr. Cople simply couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As he stared at the cottage, reality sank in. It was absolutely enormous… far bigger than he had anticipated it would be. Sure, he could afford it, but the cost of purchasing the immense home combined with renovating it on the inside and out was guaranteed to chew up at least half of his wealth. This was one time that he would have to put his huge ego aside and concede failure. Yeah, right! An ego like Mr. Cople’s own was much too big to be squelched. For all he knew, he was the one and only Stuart Cople. What couldn’t he accomplish, right? He was going to get what he wanted. With his checkbook in the pocket of his fancy tailor-made suit, he started making his way over to the home with a confidently brisk walk.

Ms. Sillow instantly had feelings of aversion towards Mr. Cople from the instant she saw him. He reminded her of those arrogant married slimeballs who used to have their way with her back in the day in Boston. And when she saw him instruct his wife to head inside their home just before he began making his way over to her place, her fucked up mind automatically went into self-defense mode. She was not going to allow herself to be victimized again.

The front of Mr. Cople’s home lined up with the middle section of Ms. Sillow’s cottage, so he had to walk at a horizontal angle to get to her front door. When he arrived at her doorstep, he saw his neighbor standing just inside of her door with a chillingly uncongenial expression on her face. The sight of the hag scared the shit out of Mr. Cople, who let out a slight shriek upon seeing her.

“Well, well, well, somebody’s having a bad day, obviously,” he said snottily, upset with himself for allowing such a harmless little old lady to scare him, but even more upset that he had let her pick up on his fear. “Anyways, the name’s Stuart Cople. And you are?” he inquired with a hand extended out to her for a cordial shake.

To this Ms. Sillow only squinted her eyes even further and asked him with the same virulence that he had come on to her with: “With all due respect, sir, what on God’s earth do you want?”

Mr. Cople dropped his hand and cleared his throat, embarrassed by the little old woman’s blatant display of antipathy towards him. He wasn’t used to being treated in such a menial manner. Everyone he came into contact with either sucked up or bowed down to him. As biggety a man as he was, he had finally met his match. Getting what he wanted just might not be so easy after all, he thought to himself.

“Well, my wife and I just moved next door to you, and we couldn’t help but notice how grand your home is. Needless to say, this is the biggest Cape Cod cottage that I have ever seen in my entire life. (Ms. Sillow’s cottage occupied at least 5,000 square feet of land.) It looks like it’s worth about 20,000 dollars to me,” the savvy businessman stated very quickly from the back of his throat in a guilefully low voice. “What made you decide to go so big?” Mr. Cople’s tone was now amicable, and he was meandering his way into business discussions with his neighbor before things only got further out of hand between the two of them. But despite his new approach, Ms. Sillow’s standoffish demeanor didn’t change. She didn’t respond to his question. Mr. Cople was going to have to continue yapping away to try and get her more comfortable with him.

“Your home, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. You know, ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always dreamt of living inside of a mansion, and this cottage of yours just makes that dream of mine seem as though it could be made possible. I can see my wife and myself growing old together comfortably inside of a place like this. I want it.” By this point, Mr. Cople was standing as close as he could possibly be to the cottage’s entrance with his neck fully outstretched, glancing around at the house’s interior. Not satisfied with his view from outside, however, he decided to take it upon himself to welcome himself inside of the home. “Do you mind if I come in?” he asked Ms. Sillow rhetorically as he boldly began to take a step forward into the house.

Given that Ms. Sillow had immediately picked up on some bad vibes from him from the instant he had hopped out of his car, when he attempted to barge his way into her space, she became extremely erratic as her agoraphobia kicked in.

“Stop!!!” a paranoid Ms. Sillow screamed at the top of her lungs. “Are you crazy!?” she asked as she eyed him from the patented leather shoes on his feet to the crown of his mousse-slicked head. “How dare you think that you can just step foot into my house!?” Mr. Cople had finally succeeded at getting Ms. Sillow to communicate with him, but he wasn’t hearing the words that he would have liked to have heard from her.

Ms. Sillow’s unforeseen outburst automatically placed the silver-tongued Mr. Cople on the defensive. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, ma’am, calm down!” he pleaded with her. “I simply wanted to get a better look at the inside of the cottage because, as I mentioned earlier, I’m interested in buying it from you.”

“Liar! You want my pussy! That’s why you’re trying so hard to get into my place.”

“What in the world are you talking about? Are you mad, old woman?” Ms. Sillow’s unforeseen remarks had left Mr. Cople completely flabbergasted and sick to his stomach.

“Tell me, what makes you different from any other man? I saw you tell your wife to go inside of your home before you started making your way over here. But, unfortunately, I have some sad news for you, Mr. Cople. I am a married woman. Although he may be in poor health, I still love my husband very much; and I have no desire for any other man. I am proud to be Mrs. (she made sure to place especial emphasis on the Mrs.) Sillow.”

At the sound of that last name, Mr. Cople’s entire body shuddered. He knew… he just instantly knew that his unusual neighbor was the individual who had been abducted in broad daylight as a young girl many years ago by alleged statutory rapist Frederickstein Sillow. Amanda Sillow, who was believed to have virtually vanished into Yarmouth’s stratosphere, was actually still alive and breathing; and Mr. Cople found himself looking her dead in her eyes in the middle of the woods. What he saw in those cold silver eyes of hers was pain. He could tell that despite her age, she was still that innocent young girl who was in need of answers. He could tell that she had never experienced much happiness. But most importantly, he could tell that she would be completely lost if she was to be uprooted from the serene sanctuary of the woods. Though his heart rarely felt compassion for the circumstances of another human being, Mr. Cople knew that he couldn’t carry on with his desire to obtain that poor woman’s cottage. Instead, he felt obligated to help her.

“No, Mrs. Sillow, I don’t want your pussy. As your new neighbor, I simply wanted to come over to formally introduce myself to you. My wife, Ann, is over at our place making sure that everything is in order. I’ll give her your greetings, and you be sure to give your husband mine.

“And if there’s anything, anything at all that you ever need, don’t hesitate to let us know. Mrs. Sillow, it’s been an absolute pleasure meeting you. You have a nice day.”

And at that, Mr. Cople was off to his home. Although Ms. Sillow was hoping that the sound of her name would have caused him to pick up and abandon his new house, Mr. Cople’s decision to stay put as her neighbor would end up being extremely beneficial to her many years down the road.

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