The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 66

After nearly ten years had gone by, the old witch once again had to employ the services of her now-teenage next door neighbor. Following a second request to Mr. Cople to borrow his son at the end of every month, Joshua was in place and ready to deceive Sondra once more when she rang the cottage on the date and time that her mother had ordered her to call back a week earlier. Ms. Sillow and her accomplice’s deception would be much easier to pull off this time around, too, since Presley would have been at an age when puberty would have significantly modified his voice, totally doing away with his once-recognizable baby voice. Joshua would have no need to worry about Sondra detecting that he wasn’t her actual son. Ms. Sillow didn’t have to give him much coaching in regards to what to say either. After all these years, Sondra would practically be talking to a whole new person. Since she would be interrogating him with basic questions to try and find out everything that had been happening with him in the past eight years, all Joshua had to do was go along with the flow.

“Presley, you sound so grown,” Sondra said elatedly when she called the cottage and heard Joshua’s deep voice on the line. “Oh, my God! I’m going to cry.”

“Don’t cry mom,” Joshua pleaded. “That’s only going to sadden my mood.”

“It’s been so long since you last heard from me. Did you miss me?” Sondra asked with traces of doubt in her voice.

“Of course I missed you,” the boy convincingly replied. “You’re my mother.”

Her tone became blissful once more. “Hey, guess what!”


“I’m coming to see you next month. How does that sound?”

“I’d love that mom.”

The boy kept up the trend of playing off of whatever statements Sondra made for the remainder of their conversation.

As Ms. Sillow stood beside Joshua, listening to him work his magic, a huge smile spread across her face, and she affectionately began to run a hand up and down his back. In her own sick mind, she was beginning to think that the boy was actually her grandson.

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