The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 69

When Presley returned home from Ms. Sillow’s place for the first time, he was bombarded with questions from his parents. Already traumatized by his experience over at the cottage, he stammered as he answered the million and one questions that they threw his way. “N-n-n-no, she didn’t touch me i-i-in any way.” “No, my fr-fr-friend P-P-P-Presley wasn’t there.” “I cl-cl-cl-cl-cl-cleaned up h-her rooms and the attic.” “I-inside o-o-of her place was nice.” The questioning from his parents seemed relentless, and it felt as though he had been answering them for hours on end. Despite being a little worried about how shaken up he was, his parents were just glad that he had returned home in one piece. And the boy wanted to ensure that he remained in one piece. He never once relayed to his parents any of the crazy, outlandish things that Ms. Sillow had said to him.

“See, I told you that there was nothing to worry about,” Mr. Cople told his wife once they had tucked Joshua into bed. “He’s just a bit nervous because he’s not used to her as yet. He’ll get over it in time.”

When the boy returned home in one piece following his second visit to the cottage was when his mother quit being so concerned about him being over at Ms. Sillow’s place. And each time that he made it home without any sort of injuries, his father would let out a huge sigh of relief.

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