The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 71

There was no turning back now. Sondra had spent the last 24 hours on U.S. Route 20 and had no intentions of utilizing the brakes until she made it to where she was going. Before she began her nearly two-day drive to Yarmouth, she had strapped a diaper on to avoid making stops to let out bodily waste and had snorted several lines of cocaine and had taken a few intravenous shots of the drug to ward off the effects of sleepiness. Her decision to remain awake significantly reduced the time of her road trip, and before she knew it, she was just 45 minutes away from her destination in Onset, where she made a pit stop at a gas station there only to inform her mother that she would be pulling up at the cottage shortly.

“Hey, mom, just calling to let you know that I’ll be arriving at the cottage really soon, and I’ll be taking Presley back with me when I leave day after tomorrow,” she informed her mother during their brief chat. After hanging up the phone, the normally nonchalant Ms. Sillow went into a frenzy. Sondra had thrown her a huge curveball. She never dreamt that her daughter would ever make her way back to the cottage.

The sun had vacated the sky hours ago, and it wasn’t customary for Joshua to be over at Ms. Sillow’s place at such a late hour. However, in this instance, she really needed him. Luckily for her, since his room window faced her cottage, she knew exactly which room he stayed in. She wouldn’t have to bother his parents by knocking on the front door to ask for him. Quickly jumping into action to retrieve the boy before her daughter got there, Ms. Sillow raced out of her house and struggled up the steep, leafy bank that was inconveniently situated between her residence and his room window. The uphill tread was agonizing on her osteoarthritic joints; but, desperate and determined, she made it up.

“Joshua, Joshua, I need you boy,” Ms. Sillow cried out as she approached the window. Startled by the strange chanting sounds reaching his ears in the middle of the night, Joshua pitched up out of his sleep. “I need you boy,” the hag crooned once more after he had opened up his room window to find out exactly what was going on outside.

“What’s the matter, Mrs. Sillow?” he asked worriedly while rubbing his tired eyes with two balled up fists. It was pretty much a pitch black night, and all the boy could see were Ms. Sillow’s silver eyes shining beneath his window ledge as she anxiously stared up at him. Her intense anxiety made him eerily uneasy.

“Come with me,” she maniacally ordered.

“No,” the boy replied assertively. “Do you know what time it is? Mom and dad would never allow…” Ms. Sillow had no time to listen to excuses. With surprising quickness, she reached up, grabbed the boy by the wrist, and yanked him out of the window. He struggled, but to no avail; his screams for help went unheard. He was now in the grips of a demon. Once she had dragged him next door, she rushed down to the basement and shut off all of the switches on her circuit breaker, turning her already spooky abode into a pitch black parlor. Her story of an area power outage would seem believable to her daughter, since the Coples slept with all their lights off to conserve energy. Lastly, Ms. Sillow gave Joshua somber instructions regarding how he was to greet his assumed mother and how he was to conduct himself in her presence. Just moments later, Sondra at last reunited with her “son”.

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