The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 72

Dawn had just begun to break as Ms. Sillow slowly pushed open the door to the room Sondra had slept in with Joshua. Carefully concealed behind her back was a 12-inch blade. Ms. Sillow was about to slay her only child - had she only been asleep.

“Good morning, mother,” Sondra said without looking up. She had smelled her mother’s rancid odor encompass the room. Still prohibited to sleep due to her recent dangerously immoderate consumption of drugs, Sondra stayed up all night, propped up on one elbow while caressing Joshua’s head in the dark. The rising sun afforded her her first glimpse of the boy she hadn’t seen in what seemed to be forever.

“Well, there’s your son,” Ms. Sillow said as she slowly approached the bed, making sure to keep the formidable blade out of sight.

“Yes. And he’s grown so big,” Sondra added, her eyes intently fixed on the sleeping boy. Ms. Sillow was now at the foot of the bed and was beginning to ease the knife out from behind her back. Luckily for Sondra, her chatter with her mother had awoken Joshua.

“Happy birthday, baby,” Sondra whispered in his ear gleefully. “Roll over and give mommy a kiss.”

“You do whatever she asks you to,” Joshua recalled Ms. Sillow saying to him the previous night, just moments before Sondra pulled up at the cottage. Obediently, the boy turned over onto his other side, and Sondra was immediately startled.

“This isn’t my son,” she uttered in bemusement as she hopped up out of the bed.

“It is the boy, you fool,” Ms. Sillow rebutted lividly as she began to approach her daughter, who was now standing with her hands atop her head in disbelief at the side of the bed. “This is our precious Presley.”

“No it isn’t.” Sondra wasn’t backing down from her mother this time. “This boy has green eyes. Presley’s eyes are blue. Where the fuck is my son, mother?”

“You’ve been taking drugs again, haven’t you?” her mother condescendingly questioned. Suffering from the guilt of the question placed to her, Sondra shot another glance over at Joshua. Her mistake of doubting her maternal instinct resulted in the blade Ms. Sillow was toting being plunged deep in between her ribs. Though Ms. Sillow had lost some of the strength she possessed in her younger years, she could still kill.

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