The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 75

News of the sickening events that had taken place in serene Yarmouth spread like wildfire. Nothing of its kind had ever happened before, neither ever since. So vile was the news that it had, in fact, impacted an entire nation. The discovery of young Presley’s bones created a stir. Local dailies across Massachusetts broke records that day, and Sondra was sought after like a celebrity throughout her time of bereavement. Our conscience can be our worst enemy at times; however, and hers was able to manipulate her in ways unimaginable. On the day of May 23rd, 1988, Sondra placed the barrel of a gun to her temple and executed herself in similar fashion to the way her mother was killed. Her death marked the eradication of the Sillow generation from the face of the Earth. She was 53.

In respect of her last wishes, which she had jotted down on paper shortly before she took her life, she was laid to rest in her childhood room, beside her son’s remains. Her mother’s body was dismembered and buried across different parts of the state in fear of her reincarnation.

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