The Sins of His Grandmother

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Chapter 7

The bond between Mr. Garrett and Frederickstein eventually forged into a stronger relationship than the relationship once shared by the boy and his actual father. The two became virtually inseparable. After a lengthy deliberation in his mind, Mr. Garrett concluded that he wouldn’t try to force the boy to return to school if it wasn’t what he wanted for himself. So, at age 14, Frederickstein started working. Mr. Garrett took him under his wings, teaching his new business partner everything that he knew about the electrical trade. Had Frederickstein decided to return to school, Mr. Garrett was certain that he would have been at the head of his class, because he caught on to things quickly. In little more than the span of a year’s time, he was wiring homes without any supervision. And after three years of saving, the 17-year-old was in a home of his own. Of course, all of the house’s wiring had been taken care of by him and his acting father. The money that he was able to save as a result of personally handling that aspect of the building phase afforded him the opportunity to give what would have been an otherwise normal and boring abode a dash of panache. Okay, perhaps more than just a dash: the house was absolutely opulent. His mini palace consisted of five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a library, a bar, an outdoor pool, and a patio. And juxtaposed to his property was an equally decadent carriage house. Anybody who knew the 17-year-old knew that he had built such a grand home as a cover-up for his slew of insecurities. There was no conceivable need for a single individual without any kids to be in a home of that scale all alone. But that was what made him happy. At least he thought it did. He got lonely fast and contemplated putting his home on the market and moving back in with Mr. Garrett. No longer was the magnitude of his property able to fill the gaping void in his life. He needed something else, something more potent than a cocktail of wood and bricks and fancy rooms erected atop an ample plot of land. After years of being alone, his premeditated decision to remain to himself began to change. The innate desire for a man to feel the love and affection of a woman had been building up inside of him. As much as he tried to delay the inevitable, nature would eventually run its course. One day as he was handling a small electrical issue in the dining room of a client’s home, Frederickstein laid eyes on his beautiful wife-to-be, Almara, for the first time. She had just returned home from the grocery market and was putting away her purchases in the dining room’s adjoining kitchen. Her father, who was keeping the boy company as he worked, noticed Fredrickstein’s focus begin to shift away from their conversation as well as his task. With seemingly blatant irreverence for the girl’s observing father, he allowed his eyes to take in a good view of every section of her body; and for the first time in his life he experienced an erection. His hormones made it quite clear to him that she was someone whom he wanted to at least lay with. Her aura was drawing him in until her angelic features caused him to receive one hellish shock. He had broken a cardinal rule of electricians by not placing undivided attention on a job involving live power. Mr. Garrett would have been so disappointed with his rookie mistake. But his err was through no fault of his own. The object of his desire possessed the kind of beauty that couldn’t be ignored. Working with her around was next to impossible. She was simply far too much of a distraction.

“How old are you, young man?” her father asked him after his concentration had been restored by way of his sobering electrical jolt.

“Nineteen, sir,” Frederickstein replied as he rapidly flapped his wrist up and down in an effort to lessen the pain in his afflicted hand.

“I was once your age a very, very long time ago. And I know what’s running through your mind right now,” Almara’s father lectured. But I think my daughter is just a tad bit too old for you, son.”

His last statement made the pain in Frederickstein’s hand seemingly dissipate. His hand was now still and his eyes were connected with her father’s. “How old is she?” he asked with a look of disappointment upon his face.

“My daughter’s 25 years old, yet she already has an ex-husband. Can you believe that? That bastard who broke her heart almost felt the repercussions of my double barrel. Luckily for him, Almara pleaded with me to spare his soul. She’s a good girl, and I’d be damned if I allow some worthless man to walk into her life and take advantage of my little girl ever again. I swear he won’t be as fortunate as the last bum, no matter how much Almara begs me to have mercy on him. She doesn’t deserve those kinds of things happening to her. She’s a good woman.”

“I swear I would never break her heart if I had the opportunity to be with her. She’s much too beautiful for me to even think of mistreating her in any kind of way. I know I’m only 19, but my parents raised me to be a respectable young man with principles….” The boy blabbered on until Almara’s father interrupted his bid to take his daughter out on a date.

“You never allowed me to finish saying what I was going to say, young one. I’ve only spent the past 30 minutes with you, but I like you already. You’ve gat a great personality; you’re a hard worker; you carry yourself well; you’re quite mature for your age; and apart from lusting after my princess with your eyes right in the front of me, you seem to be a pretty respectable kid. I definitely have a feeling you would be a good match for her. Besides, she doesn’t need a man older than she is who thinks he can just order her around and do to her as he pleases. I’ll arrange a date for the two of you.”

In those days, had it not been customary for parents to match their daughters with a suitor whom they deemed to be a potential lifelong partner, Frederickstein would have never had the opportunity to take Almara out on a date, for he never would have been able to muster up the courage to ask her out himself. And, hypothetically speaking, had he somehow made up his mind to come on to her, she never would have responded to his unsolicited advances. He appealed to her senses in no shape, form, or fashion. That being noted, their compulsory outing was awkward, to say the least. It was only out of respect for her father that Almara put up with his “poor pick”. However, it would have been wise for her to stick with her gut instincts from the beginning. All she had to do was let her father know that she wasn’t happy with his selection in a partner for her and wait for the next candidate to stroll along. But many years into their relationship, it was far too late to change anything. All she could do was regret. The man her father had introduced her to transformed shortly after their youngest child had been born. After she had forced herself to love him, after wedding him, after giving birth to all of his children, she considered his personality shift - which brought out animalistic-type behavior in a once mild-mannered man - a slap in the face. Where this sudden changed stemmed from, nobody knew; but one thing was apparent: his behavior mirrored that of a madman’s. Her desperate pleas with him to visit an alienist fell on deaf ears; hence, whatever he was going through in his head continued to linger on undiagnosed. Presumably he wasn’t suffering from a mental deficiency at all. Even in his earlier years of life, he had always been quite a strange individual. Who he truly was was just becoming more prevalent in this latter stage of his life. His father-in-law had passed away several years before this new personality of his reared its ugly head, leaving his wife feeling that much more vulnerable and trapped. Her father was the only person she could turn to in time of need. Now, she too was on the fringe of going insane as a result of not being able to figure out a way to get her innocent children out of a situation that she accepted full responsibility for placing them in. But nothing lasts forever. All of her misfortunes began to turn around after Frederickstein laid eyes on an innocent young girl at a local town fair one day. Though the child didn’t know this as yet, their encounter that day would play a big role in the outcome of her unborn grandson’s life years down the road.

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