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Mafia Voodoo

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February 1, 11:30 pm

February 1, 11:30 pm

“Heeey my man Ernie how you doing brotha?” Shawn exclaimed as he got out of car waving to a man in the front of a run down storage complex. Taking in the sight of Ernie after almost two years he knew nothing had changed. Running up to embrace his fellow Mexican brother he took notice of a paper thin mustache and a bowl cut haircut.

“Hey green bean you growing some hair now atta boy.” Shawn added as he squeezed Ernie in a comical fashion. Stepping back holding onto his shoulders he smiled as he patted his head messing his hair in the process. Parting his hair back and with a non pleased look Ernie gave Shawn a low scowl.

“Word is your out.”

Shawn’s smile dropped slowly as he took his hand off Ernie switching over to a professional tone. Putting one hand into his pocket and the other behind his neck he looked around hoping to deface the statement.

“Love what you did with the place by the way.” Shawn implied as he soaked in the run down atmosphere. Torn down gates ripped open conex’s and trash galore littered the streets in a garbage winter alike paradise. A paradise for illicit dealing and sketchy individuals to run a top of the line business. Counterfeiting.

“I am not going to beat around the bush Mr. Chambers.” Shawn added with a sly wink hoping to ease the unusual tension with Ernie. “That ten gee's I asked you to print, well I am going to need it a bit early.” Ernie’s face did not twitch or even budge at the amount let alone move his eyes from Shawn as if he was almost disappointed.

“Let me guess your going to double cross the family? When is the money due Shawn? What did Bill want you to do with it?” Ernie began asking in an upset but quickened state.

Shawn just stood there with a sincere smile shaking his head as if loosing his patience. “In all honesty man I was not given a time line but I assume the old bat Margaret never sleeps so I guess any time before tomorrow morning.” He stated as he pushed his hand into his jean jacket feeling the smooth edge of his old pocket watch.

“I assume you will be sending me my cut for this? Why not just pocket it and leave now?” Ernie asked as he opened the door behind him ushering in his old friend.

“I am breaking my woman out kinda need the old bat to think she got her payment so I don’t get a shot gun in the face when I approach the club.” Shawn added hesitating on his plan. Entering the storage annex a whiff of ink infiltrated his lungs as fairly loud machines sounded off echoing through the metal container. No one was around save the endless but slow printing of counterfeit bills ranging from one and hundreds.

“Business grew a little I see?” Shawn added as he watched Ernie grab a suitcase and began counting the counterfeit into the case. Rubbing his hands together Shawn blew into them as he felt a tingle run down his spine almost a premonition that danger was in bound. Shrugging it off he shook his head as he watched Ernie count the money slowly as he placed it into a briefcase. Smiling Shawn recalled a distant memory of when they were kids. Rubbing his pocket watch he remembered how he and Ernie robbed their first store. It was a jewelry shop of all things and all they could muster was a simple golden ring and a pocket watch. Living on the streets selling such prized possessions would suffice them for a time. But it was a living testament and idol of their friend ship to always keep the items as trinkets.

“What happened man?” Shawn called off as he rested himself onto a dormant machine a yawn forming in the back of throat.

Ernie continued counting not giving Shawn the time of day an answer or response. Closing the briefcase suddenly he sighed heavily before eyeing Shawn.

“This is not the streets hombre... we can’t just laugh if off and hide in abandoned cars from stealing candy.” Ernie stated flatly as he straightened out his back stretching in the process. “Were not kids no more fool, you chose your own path all those years ago. I offered you a job here away from the hard crime, but no you had to be a hard mother fucker and join the mob!” Ernie shouted as he averted his eyes downward.

“Aww come on man its all a front really I was more of a prestigious patsy in all regards”

“I don’t wanna hear it, who all knows about your little plan? If this goes south I will be next on the chop block.”

Shawn stood there smile faded as he scratched his cheek eyeing the suitcase just wanting to leave his childhood friend be.

“Melissa a woman I find my self to fancy.”

Ernie just shook his head as he grabbed for the suitcase squeezing it tightly in his hands. Slowly averting his eyes back to Shawn a hint of sadness.

“You are a good man Shawn, but no one crosses the mafia and lives is there no way to convince you to play this honourbly?”

Shawn shook his head side to side as if pride of certainty were his only virtue.

“I assume this is goodbye then?” Ernie asked handing the money over and folding his arms across his chest. Shawn just crooked the corner of his mouth as he griped the suitcase from his childhood friend.

“I owe you expect money to compensate your trouble and a post card from Peru in a week or so.” Shawn implied as he nodded towards Ernie who simply squinted at him.

leaving the building the machines felt louder and more menacing as each step he took out of that building was killing him. He imagined the briefcase made of lead becoming heavier and heavier with every step. Stopping midway he let out a long relaxed sigh and returned his smile. Waving back to Ernie as he stepped out of the building and made his way to car.

‘No regrets, No regrets’ Shawn whispered, half trying to reassure himself.

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