The Ice-Cream Club

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Chapter 34 (Looks can be DECEIVING)

Gerta le Roux pulled the latex gloves off her hands. She leaned back into the bamboo chair and watched as a warm, lazy wind blew the flimsy curtains about like phantom-hands reaching out to her from beyond the grave.

‘Well, Aunt Brenda, it is nearly done.’ She whispered in the direction of the moving curtains, ‘maybe you’ll get some peace when all this is over.’

She gathered the gloves, the injection, the glue, paper and all the other stuff and bundled it all up in the plastic-sheet she worked on. Everything that might prove to be incriminating she shoved into a bag and placed it on the table as a reminder to get rid of it. She poured a glass of ice-tea and drank slowly as she moved past the - now dead still - curtains onto the little balcony. The garden was in its high-summer glory. Monet couldn’t do better. Apart from the Bougainvillea that surrounded the balcony, it seems that pinks, purples and reds flowed into each other as if painted on a canvas. A cute little fairy-fountain spewed water at lily-pads. Now and then a Koi-fish gulped an air-bubble before disappearing into the water again. So idyllic, so serene, but, as the saying goes: Looks can be deceiving.

She caught a glimpse of her silhouette in the glass.

She’s a good example of “Looks can be deceiving” and this isn’t really her personality. This is an ugly business. However, this was not only for Aunt Brenda but mostly for her darling-Dad and as Aunt Brenda often mentioned, people do strange things for those they love.

She brought the glass with drift to her mouth.

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