The Ice-Cream Club

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Chapter 47 (A little REPRIEVE)

‘You’re okay?’ Deric asked a little worried as he and Mae came to their door. He didn’t expect the evening to turn out quite so hectic and strenuous.

‘Yeah, just a little tired.’ She yawned, ‘I’m very glad everything turned out well in the end. Well, except for the Judge – that is. Glad we’ve got a confession, even if it was obtained by a little blackmail and kidnapping and glad the girl’s okay.’

‘Yes, it didn’t go well for Rodney Gust, or his family, for that matter, even if the girl’s okay.’ Deric answered with his own yawn, ’But the outcome is much better than he, or I, had anticipated. You want some coffee, just the instant kind. I’m not starting the machine at this time of night, not even for you.’ He smiled and pulled her in close.

‘Tea will do nicely,’ she said as she pulled her shoes off her feet, ‘I’m working with Doc now and he just drinks tea. Sort of nice. And besides, I’m a pregnant woman.’ She smiled tenderly.

‘I should’ve never pulled you in tonight. Sorry.’ Deric said a little guilty, ‘Didn’t know it was going to be this rough. I should’ve called Tisha.’

‘Nonsense, I’m a strong gal, and besides, all I did was calm a mother down who thought her daughter had been raped and murdered. A wife who’d found out that she been married to a rapist and murderer for years.’ She stretched. ‘Poor thing!’

She sat down and rubbed her feet.

A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth, ’And I can just imagine the amazing new lexicon ’Tisha would have come up with, if she had to wear this.’ Her hands went up and down the French-maid’s dress and they both collapsed on the sofa with exhausted laughter.

‘I think she would’ve never, ever talked to me again. Ever!’ Deric said a bit later, wiping the laughter-tears off his cheeks, ‘but you, on the other hand, look good enough to eat.’ He pulled her in and kissed her.

‘Whoa, Casanova, I’ve been promised some tea and I think a sandwich.’

‘What? Demands, demands! I never said a word about sandwiches’

‘I’ve put some in the fridge earlier on. You just have to take it out while the water is boiling.’

After both had a sandwich and a cup in hand Mae said, ’I really would like to be there when Rodney Gust makes his full statement on Monday – lawyer and all. I really want to know the tangled web of lies he had weave from the beginning. How he lived with his conscience for the last three decades.’

‘Come Monday, you’ll have a front seat on the other side of the glass.’

‘How come you hadn’t had him arrested there and then?’

’Well, for starters, he’s going nowhere, he’s under surveillance. He will get bail at the arraignment, guaranteed. And I think I owe at least some privacy to his wife and child at the moment,’ Deric said as he sipped some coffee, ’I really feel sorry for the two of them.’ He wiped over his brow, ‘Latisha would skin me alive if this ever comes out, but for while there I almost felt sorry for the poor bastard.’

It went quiet for a minute or two before Mae said, ‘You know, on the other hand, I’m sort of happy for Brenda Blignaut - even if she’ll never know.’

Deric said nothing.

‘I know about all her antics through the years, playing Judge, jury and all that. But still, if it was Nathan, or little whatever,’ she patted her tummy, ‘I might’ve turned psycho myself.’

‘Amen.’ Deric said softly, ’In a way I’m happy I don’t have to prosecute her. However, I haven’t the foggiest idea how I’m going to write this report or what we’re going to do about all this.’

Mae looked at him with sympathy. Then she smiled seductively, ‘Now, let’s get down to business. We can have a nice sleep-in tomorrow-morning. Mom will only be bringing Nathan round three or four, she said. She planned an impromptu zoo- and ice-cream outing for Sunday. Shame, I think she’s trying to give us some alone time. Which I appreciate a lot. One of these days it’s going to get very busy around here, sooo,’ she patted her lips with one finger, ‘what to do with all this free time on our hands? How about a shower and a raunchy bedtime story,’ she smiled coquettishly at him, ‘it’s only three in the morning.’

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