FrAcTuReD (Part Two)

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He looked back to the girl and watched her vigorous playing on the piano, now that he got a look at her face, he couldn’t help as though he had seen her somewhere before… A series of murders has been discovered not long after Charla Liebert, a girl who suffers from T.M.I, moves to Sharlton, her father’s old home town. But with the recent death of a dirty reporter Charla’s own fears begin to worsen, not only for herself but for those around her that she now cares greatly. And yet those she does stand with her no matter what, willing to believe in her when she is unable. Slowly she opens up, revealing more about herself and that of her dead twin brother, yet some much still remains locked within herself, not wishing for it to come out. Even though Charla knows fully well that the harder a person resists in that of the inevitable, the worse the outcome can be. Coping with the reality Charla tries to better herself, only to find that there are worse things then suspecting yourself as the killer…

Mystery / Thriller
Tarynne Bourret
5.0 2 reviews
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Author's Note

Hey Everyone, so this is just a message to let you all know that this is a continuation to FrAcTuReD Part One, but I'll be doing something a bit different. Instead of it staring off with "Chapter 01" it'll be that of "Chapter 31" since it is continuing where I left off of from the first book. It may change down the line but this is what I am going for and if you don't wish to be confused please read Part One.

Anyway that's enough of my little explanation, if you've read the first one and now on to this then I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!


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