Ten Little Scoundrels

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One's Luck Flopped

It was a dark and stormy night, quiet all around. Our story takes place at the Smith Manor. At Five O' Clock guests began to arrive. Edward, Smith's butler opened the door.

"Can I help you? Why have you come here?" Edward asked in an annoyed tone.

"We were invited, the dinner invite said this was the address." replied Liz, a young lass with leadership skills.

"She dragged me here." said Bobby, pointing to his wife Jessica. Their marriage had been on the rocks, and Jessica hoped this social interaction could help save it.

"I-I had an invite." Scott said, looking away from Edward before entering.

"Me and my friend Sophie received it, we assumed it was from a friend of ours, but we'd never thought someone we knew would live in a manor..." Josh, a college student replied.

"Yeah..." Sophie, another college student added in ponder, entering the manor with Josh.

"My retirement just started, it's been long, but I'm finally able to move forward and relax! This invite helped me kick it off!" Barry said, a recently retired, energetic man.

Then someone entered the mansion without a word. His name was Darren. He was quiet and a lone wolf.

"Good, I love nothing more than unexpected company." Edward mumbled under his breath as he closed the door once all the guests had entered.

"Who the hell are you? And why are you in my manor?" Smith walked out from his chambers, disgust in his voice.

"You invited us." Liz said, sliding her invite over to him as he took a seat with the rest.

"This isn't my handwriting, let alone charity I would partake in!" Smith scoffed.

"Why is there an extra seat?" Scott asked nervously.

"The only other person in here is Edward, and the butler doesn't eat with the guests." Smith said annoyed.

"But if you didn't bring us here, then maybe the one who did wanted Edward to join us?" Josh added.

"Edward! Take a seat until we figure this out!" Smith demanded while Edward obeyed.

"Do you have to treat him like that? As someone who worked for over 40 years people can hold grudges with people like you." Barry scolded Smith.

"Then don't become a private butler!" Smith defended himself angrily.

Sophie took a sip of her water.

"But wait, who set the table if you two, who live here, didn't send the invites?" Liz asked the room.

"The Ghost of Christmas Past, hell if I know!' Smith replied with rage.

"Calm down, we just need to figure this out." Josh replied trying to shimmer down Smith

"Don't tell me to calm down! You're trespassing in my house! So don't start commanding me in my manor!" Smith replied bitterly.

"L-let's just take a deep breath..." Scott mumbled quietly, trying to act like a leader, failing as he could barely be heard past Smith's rage.

Josh looked over at Sophie, seeing her choking.

"Sophie? You alright?" Josh asked nervously, rushing to her side.

Sophie began to attack her chest, trying to get her lungs working again.

Josh ran behind her and got her out of her chair, and began giving her the Heimlich. It was failing, and what Josh didn't notice was Sophie's skin changing, becoming sticky green scales. Sophie's lungs were also gone.

"W-what's on her neck?" Barry asked frightened. Gills were starting to form on her neck, Sophie now could only breathe in water. Her arms and hands turned into mere fins, slipping out from Josh's arms.

"What's happening to her!?" Josh angrily looks over to Smith, who has a shocked expression on his face. Josh looks back as Sophie falls onto the ground. Her legs fused together to become a tail fin. Her fins become much smaller, as her neck retreats into her. Sophie's head began to push out as her hair left her. Her eyes move to each side and become beady, Sophie now a human sized fish.

Everyone looks in horror, unmoving, including Sophie who doesn't know how to act as a fish. Sophie begins to flop around as her brain becomes small. She couldn't remember her old identity, and her new short attention span wouldn't help her. Still in her clothes, Sophie's flailing gets slower and slower as she begins running out of air.

"Stop standing there and help me!" Josh calls out, as he, Liz, and Barry help the flopping fish out of the clothes.

"Moneybags! Where is your fountain!?" Josh frantically called out to Smith, who just turns away crossing his arms.

"She'll die if you don't tell us! What's wrong with you?!" Josh shouted through his tears.

"There's a fountain in the back, take her there quickly!" Edward informs them and gives a disgusted look at Smith.

The three carry the new fish towards the fountain. Sophie's slimy body and flailing made them drop her. She flops around for a bit, before stopping, breathing slowly.

"Don't stand there, get her to water!" Josh calls, Barry and Liz snapping out of their shock and back into worry. They finally arrive at the fountain, and plop Sophie in. After a few moment, Sophie begins swimming around, and Josh lets out a sigh of relief along with Barry and Liz.

The trio return to the table. Barry and Liz take a seat while Josh stays standing.

"What the hell was that? What did you do you madman!?" Josh shouted fiercely to Smith.

"I had nothing to do with your friend. I didn't want a human sized fish in this manor." Smith replied.

"And yet you'd have let her die from bitterness? Whatever it is your behind it!" Josh argued.

"Guys! Hold up! What's this?" Darren finally spoke out, holding a paper.

"What's it say?" Liz asked.

"Some kind note..." Darren said. "There is an alterationist out and loose. You came in one way, and leave another."

"What does it mean?" Edward asked.

"I think it means we'll be joining fish girl..." Scott sighed.

"Her name is Sophie." Josh said sternly.

"S-sorry, we never really introduced ourselves..." Scott replied rubbing his arm nervously

"Whatever, we need to find this alterationist fellow and end him!" Josh said vigorously.

"It had to have been one of us, and sorry, but I'm getting out of here!" Scott shouted in a panic before running off.

"That boy is smart! " Darren called out, going into a different direction. Soon there was chaos, and everyone went out their own ways. However their fates were sealed, all the exits were locked, leaving the 9 remaining scoundrels left inside.

One's Luck Flopped.

And Then There Were Nine.

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