Ten Little Scoundrels

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One Broke the Scale

"I can't believe the nerve of some people. Me? The alterationist? What a joke!" Smith scoffed to himself as he tried to reach a hidden exit of the manor underneath his bed should a break in occur. He walked through the halls up to his room. While doing so, Josh ran straight into him, both falling on top of each other. Josh got up rather quickly, the older Smith having more trouble.

"S-sorry about that." Josh apologized holding a hand out to help Smith.

"I don't need your help you fiend!" Smith snapped as he continued with his attempt to get up on his own.

"It's just me and Barry saw Darren transform into a hat..." Josh sighed.

"I don't know those names nor care to find out their identities. I just want to get out of here now!"

"Wait a minute...you're that jerk from the dinner! Glad I knocked you over." Josh scolded in a bitter tone.

"You scoundrel! What happened to your friend was not my doing!"

"Scoundrel? That's what the poem called us! Whatever you're doing it ends now. We've already lost two people. Maybe more!"

"What poem are you talking about? Have you gone daft!" Smith replied offended.

"The one you put into the book to transform Darren!" Josh answered. "The charade is up!"

"Wait...A.another p-person's been transformed?" a freighted Scott overheard as he entered the same hall.

"Oh good. Another imbecile!" Smith said exasperated.

"Yeah. Darren, the quiet guy. He became a hat! He read this poem that "foretold" what will happen to us." Josh explained.

"What was it?!" Scott shouted out in a voice that was filled with dread.

"The next one was 'One Broke the scale, and then there were seven. Sophie and now Darren are already gone, so there's eight now."

"What does it mean!?" Scott blurted out in a panic.

"I don't know, but I feel like Smith here might..." Josh said as he turned to Smith, only to see he was gone, as he ran off into a another section of the house.

"Where did he go?" Scott questioned.

"Ran off. He's hiding something. He's got to be!" Josh shouted angrily.

"Where is Darren? I have to find out the rest of that poem! I'm going to be one step ahead of it!" Scott said in an attempt to sound confident, nervousness clearly in his voice.

"It-He's in the library. The hat on the desk, assuming Barry didn't move it. There's a hole you have to put your finger in and he'll read it." Josh said pointing to the direction of the library.

"Thanks! If we both make it out of this I owe you!"

"Not a problem. Watch your back alright? I'm going to go try and find some food, hopefully it won't transform me." Josh said with a shudder.

"Good luck! I'm going to make sure I make it out!" Scott said with a bit more confidence as he ran off to the library.

Liz wandered into the library herself, looking for some kind of hidden passage out of the manor. When she entered, she saw Barry frantically looking through books.

"You alright there bud?" Liz asked with a weak smile.

"I'm fine. But that poor Darren. It's my fault. I should have opened it." Barry replied with guilt in his voice.

"What are you talking about?" Liz asked skeptically.

"You see that book on the ground?"

"Yeah?" Liz wondered where he was going with that comment, but to some extent she knew the answer.

"It made Darren into the hat next to it." he said pointing to it.

"What!?" Liz yelled. "Then why are you looking through books!? You could be transformed to!" she warned.

"I just want to bring Darren back, I feel so responsible..."

"Hey. Look at me. It's not your fault. You didn't know the book would transform him." she paused. "Right?"

"N-no. But I there's got to be a way to reverse it in these books somewhere!" Barry rebutted as he went back to the shelves.

"Listen. Darren wouldn't want to see someone else transformed because you were trying to save him! It's not your fault your here!"

"Maybe you're right..." Barry sighed.

"You shouldn't stay in here. Nor look at Darren anymore. It'll only bring the memories back. Just block it from your memory. We can figure something out once we get out alright?"

"Alright." Barry sighed.
Bobby went through the halls, finding his way into a liquor room. "That's just what I need!" he says happily as he grabs a bottle of whiskey and takes a small swig from it. He wanted to just get away from everything. Jessica, the alterationist, the manor, and just become lost in his booze. The door began to open slowly. "Jessica stay away from me!" he yelled furiously.

"It's not you wife but you should calm down with her." Edward said entering and closing the door. "I just need a drink right now." he sighed.

"There's plenty! May as well stay until the party is over and that alterationist is done having his jollies." he replied happily. "Always did like a drinking man."

"Not normally am, but after what happened with Mast-Smith, I need one."

"Try a bit of this." Bobby said tossing the whiskey bottle over Edward, who caught it and took a swig.
"That's strong..." Edward commented with a small gag. "Pretty good whiskey! Makes any girl look hot. Need that for Jessica." he joked.

"What happened with you two? From what I can tell you hate each other." Edward dwelled on the thought.

"She wants to control me, I want to be free. Neither of us can afford a divorce though. She looks so innocent, but if you spend a night with her, you'll see she's an incarnation of Lucifer!"

"I feel like you give her a bit of a hard time. That'll come back to bite you one day!" Edward laughed.

"How so?" Bobby asked sternly, no longer laughing.

"Well uh, treating your wife the way you do reaps consequences..."

"Are you saying your going to transform me? You're the alterationist aren't you?" Bobby said coldly, starting to get up.

"N-no! I was just trying to scare you into being nicer to your wife..." Edward begins to back up.

"I don't think so." Bobby said, grabbing a bottle and breaking it, holding it like a weapon.

"You seem to be a bit heated...Let's just take a moment to breath." Edward chuckled nervously. However, Bobby doesn't seem to be backing down, slowly getting closer, with Edward shaking and taking steps back.

Jessica had arrived back to the very dinning room where Sophie had transformed. She looked around, wondering what exactly changed her. "Maybe I'll find something to make Bobby go back to normal." she joked sadly. Jessica looked around the table, noticing all the uneaten food that was set out. She felt her stomach growl. "A peek won't hurt." she giggled as she lifted the trays. There was turkey, potatoes, ham, steak, just a plethora of delicious food. Jessica felt her mouth watering. "Just a little wouldn't hurt." she said as she tore off the legs of the turkey. She began to eat it happily, going down to the bone. She sat down, her stomach growling. "That did not sit well." she commented to herself. In fact, her whole body felt like it was getting heavier.

And it was. Jessica's body was gaining more mass as she got heavier. Her skin became much more rough, as it took on a grey color. Jessica's legs and arms became much more cylindrical and larger in width, but shorter in length. Her hands and feet became much more circular as her nails became large and black. Jessica's head began to reshape. Her ears became more circular as they moved to the top of her head. Her jaw became much larger, being able to open at almost 180 degrees. Jessica's face pushed out into an impressive snout as her nose became a mere two slits. Her eyes moved to each side of it. A small tail erupted from her rear. The weight of her new much larger body was too much for her chair, and it collapsed. She fell forward as her skeleton changed, now forced to walk on all fours. Jessica had fallen onto the table, causing it to break in half, causing a lot of noise. Luckily, thanks to her much tougher and durable body, she was fine. Jessica's eyes were wide and filled with panic. She found herself unable to talk, only able to make growls. Soon, her panic goes away. She finds her animal instincts starting to guide her. Jessica moves away from the table and when she does, her eyes become calm, and her animal instincts had taken over her, leaving Jessica as a total hippo in mind and body. Not even knowing she was human. She saw the food on the table and began to eat it furiously.

"Oh my God!" Josh yelled as he came in for the last of the transformation.

"Jessica is a hippo! She's turned into a hippo!" he said running through the halls.

One Broke The Scale.

And Then There Were Seven

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