Ten Little Scoundrels

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One Got Let Out

"How you holding up?" Liz asked Barry, who she had stayed with to help him cope with what happened with Darren.

"A bit better. Getting out of the library helped for sure." he let out with a small smile.

"Glad to hear. There's got to be an exit somewhere in here. You got to get out of this mansion in general. You need to enjoy the rest of your life! You've made it so far, you deserve to be free from responsibilities!" Liz said smiling.

"Thanks. Will you leave to if we find a way out?" Barry asked over to Liz.

"I don't really know. This alterationist fellow needs to be stopped. But I have family and they wouldn't like it if I show up as a cow or something." she chuckled nervously.

"I'm not losing anyone else. As long as you're by my side, I'll ensure your safety you hear?" Barry said sternly to her.

"Thanks." she smiled.

As the two walked casually but with intent, Smith came running through the hall, stopping right in front of the two.

"Out of my way! I must escape!" Smith commanded the two.

"We are trying to get out as well, why not stick together? It'll make it safer for all of us." Liz recommended.

"So you can transform me? How do I know you won't transform me you little rascals?" Smith scoffed.

"Well you don't, and Barry here needs to get out of here as well. Think of my 'why not' as a nicer way of saying 'we are coming with you to escape.' alright?" Liz said smugly, crossing her arms with a smirk.

Smith ignored this and tried to pass the two, unable to do so. He sighed. "I assume you aren't moving until I agree?"

"Yup." Liz chimed in with a playful chipper tone.

"If I must." he sighed. "There's a secret passage in my bedroom underneath my bed, should someone break in I can escape easily. The escape there might not be blocked off." Smith explained.

"Lead the way Smith." Liz smirked. He brushed past her, purposely hitting her shoulder.

"Come on! Let's get you out of here!" Liz said as Barry and herself followed Smith's lead.

After seeing the end of Jessica's transformation into a hippo, Josh found himself taking a seat on the couch. He took a moment to gather himself.

"Help me!" Josh heard a voice shout out from another room.

Josh stood up and ran to the voice, still calling out from help. It lead him to a door. He swung it opened quickly, and saw Bobby trying to attack Edward with a broken wine bottle.

"What are you doing!?" Josh shouted, as he rushed up to Bobby, taking it from him rather easily.

"This man is the alterationist! He's going to transform us all!' Bobby said taking a charge to Edward, who dodged him.

"No he isn't! Someone else was already transformed! It couldn't have been him!" Josh informed, rushing up to Bobby to hold him back, until he finally calmed down.

"Well? Who was it?" Bobby asked as Edward slowly tip toed out of the room, unnoticed by Josh or Bobby.

"Your wife."

"R-really? Did she get something that she had coming? Maybe a female dog?" he chuckled.

"Your wife is a hippo now and you have no sympathy?" Josh scoffed.

"No! Of course not! She was so controlling. Her weight on my shoulders was just too much. Now her weight would kill me." he laughed hysterically.

"What is wrong with the people in this place? Darren was right, scoundrels indeed."

"What are you talking about scoundrel?" Bobby retorted angrily.

"Darren turned into a hat. He read a poem called Ten Little Scoundrels, and it seems to foresee what will happen. I want to say your wife was the third, and only one person isn't going to be transformed."

"So then it'll be me! I ain't going anywhere!" he laughed. "And if you're not leaving, I can make you leave just as easily." he said, grabbing another bottle from the shelve.

"Calm down! I'm leaving! Hope you're the next to go. There was a line about hiding in the poem, just hope it's not because it was way too far down the list." Josh scoffed, leaving and locking the room with a chair before Bobby got a chance to lash out on him.

Liz, Barry, and Smith had all arrived to the room with the tunnel.

"Pull out the second to last book on the right, it'll activate." Smith commanded Liz. She sighed as she obeyed. All three could hear gears moving as the bed moved forward on some kind of conveyor belt. Soon, there was a small tunnel that all three could fit. Smith went through, followed by the other two.

"How long is this tunnel?" Barry asked, getting a bit winded.

"We're almost there, stop complaining." Smith replied annoyed. The trio made their way deeper through the rather long tunnel, Barry barely managing to keep up.

"Alright, we're here." Smith said, stopping at a dead end.

"What are you talking about? There's a giant wall in the way!" Liz commented confused.

"We have to dig! So you two get to digging!" Smith commanded pointing to the wall.

"What about you? You're just going to sit back?" Barry scoffed.

"Yup. And if you don't dig you'll be stuck in here." Smith smiles, sitting down against the wall.

"Whatever, c'mon Barry, let's just get out of here." she sighed, as the two got on their knees and begin to dig out dirt.

Smith just gave a cocky smirk as he watched the two do his labor for him. He noticed a bone lying on the ground next to him. A bit bored, he began to hold it, and play around with it.

"Mind helping us for once? We're tired!" Liz yelled out.

"You know what? I could actually go for some digging! It's been all too long." Smith said, surprisingly happily.

"O-okay?" Barry responded confused, as he and Liz got up and let Smith get to digging.

Smith got onto his hands and knees and began to quickly start digging. As he did, Smith's hands became more circular, as his nails became claws, slowly turning into paws. White fur began to grow out from them, going up his arms. His bone structure began to alter, his knees turning close to nothingness, and his arms took on near identical properties to his legs as they became digitigrade. Smith's whole lower body, along with his new hind legs grew white fur, Smith now standing on all fours. A tail began to push out from Smith's backside, a blend of grey and white fur. Once it finished, it wagged happily and Smith dug faster. A smile formed on Smith's face as he began panting with his tongue out in excitement. It became larger as his teeth became sharper and more canine. His face grew out into a muzzle, his nose turning black and wet at the tip of it. His mouth and jaw became larger to equal the size of his new muzzle.

Liz and Barry looked at each other, shocked but somewhat happy of what was happening. They crossed their arms pleased and watched Smith's transformation finish. Smith's eyes turned light blue as his eyesight lost color, becoming black and white exclusively. Smith's ears became larger and a bit floppy as grey fur began to grow over them and around his face. Smith's actual face became covered in white fur, while grey fur covered the rest of his back. His clothes had all ripped off, now looking like a full husky. Smith finished digging, and grabbed a stuffed bird and dropped it in front of Barry and Liz, wagging his tail excitedly.

"Good find boy!" Liz said petting Smith's head, Smith closing his eyes in glee.

"Shouldn't touch it, for all we know it could be a transformation item!" Liz warned Barry.

"Right, but what do we do with Smith now?" Barry asked.

"Let him be a dog. He absolutely had it coming. He is great at digging though!" Liz smiles petting him around his muzzle, to which Smith responded quite positively to.

"But there was no way out? What do we do?" Barry asked Liz.

"Look for another way out. There's got to be more than one passage. Check the library maybe?" Liz recommended.

"Go ahead without me. I don't want to go back there. I'll take Smith here and go around other parts of the house and we'll meet back up here in 20 minutes alright?" Barry said.

"Alright." Liz sighed. "Stay safe and be careful!" Liz said, running off to the library.

"Well Smith, let's go." Barry sighed. Smith happily picked up his new plush toy and walked along side Barry.

One Got Let Out.
And Then There Were Six.

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