Ten Little Scoundrels

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One Was Free

Liz soon arrived in the library, carefully looking around for anyone who could get the upper hand on her. After failing to see anyone, she went at ease. She wandered the library, pulling books in and out of shelves, hoping some kind of passage would open.

"Stop!" Liz heard Scott yell as he ran up to her.

"What?" Liz said pulling her hands away from the book. She turned to Scott. "Oh, hello again. Aren't you afraid I'll change you?" Liz said crossing her arms.

"S-sorry about earlier. I was on edge, considering a girl had turned into a fish right in front of us." Scott said sheepishly.

"It's fair enough. Can't say I blame you." Liz said bringing her arms to her sides. "But why did you want me to stop?"

"One of the books turned someone into the hat on the table over there!" Scott warned with fear in his voice, pointing to where Darren the hat now was.

"So I've been told..." Liz sighed. "I was trying to find a secret way out, Smith said there was a way out in his room; only lead to a dead end and a stuffed bird."

"So Smith tricked you?" Scott asked.

"Yes and no. He sat back as we began to dig, but well, he started to help and let's say karma hit him, harshly." Liz replied cryptically.

"Karma as in, transformed karma?" Scott pondered to her.

"Yeah. He's a husky now. Walking around with Barry. Only thing we found was a stuffed bird." Liz explained.

"Of everyone who's transformed can't say I'm sorry for him."

"Don't think anyone is." Liz chuckled a bit. "What are you doing in here anyway?"

"Josh said that Darren read a poem that hinted at what will happen. I couldn't get Darren to speak, so I'm at a loss. All I know is only one of us is meant to make it out." Scott sighed, clearly scared.

"Well then let's make sure that poem doesn't come true huh? They wouldn't put all the transformation stuff in one room, it'd be separated surely. So let's keep for looking for a secret exit, then you, me, and Barry can get out of here!" Liz said with a smile, wrapping her arm around Scott.

"A-alright." Scott replied with a weak smile.
Liz went rather quickly, while Scott went through slowly. For every 5 books Liz pulled, Scott had only done 1.

Edward had gone as far away from Bobby as possible, on the other side of the manor. He made sure to check every corner to avoid any surprise attacks from Bobby. He walked quietly, stopping around a corner as he heard footsteps approaching him. "Hey!" he said turning the corner, hoping to scare him off. He was surprised to see Josh instead of Bobby.

"Hello." Josh replied sarcastically.

"About earlier, thanks, that was a close one." Edward said scratching the back of his head.

"No problem, that Bobby dude is crazy!" he chuckled a bit.

"Right..." Edward sighs. "Any clues as to the alterationist?" he asked curiously.

"Not really, aside from that poem."

"Poem?" Edward asks.

"Were you out of the room by then? Once Darren turned into a hat, he read a poem out loud, a very vague one but one nevertheless..." Josh explained.

"Did you figure it out?" Edward asked curiously.

"No, the old fella caught a few right off the bat...almost as if he knew." Josh replied in a blaming tone.

"So you think he is the alterationist?" Edward asked intently.

"He's the best suspect, or maybe he's just good at riddles. Perhaps we could catch him together? End this now?" Josh suggested.

"I suppose." Edward sighed. "You did save my life earlier after all."

"Great, let's get moving." Josh said leading Edward down the halls.

"Calm down boy, don't get to excited!" Barry told Smith, who hopped around with excitement. "What's got you so riled up?" Barry asked Smith, kneeling down to pet him. Smith's canine reaction of bliss while he was being petted put a smile on Barry's face. He panted happily and Barry got back up. "Why is this mansion so big?" he asked down to Smith, knowing not to expect an answer.

"Hey!" Barry heard a voice call from behind him. Both Barry and Smith turned, to see Edward and Josh at the end.

"Oh...hello lad from the library. How are you holding up?" Barry asked in a somewhat friendly tone.

"Don't worry about me, mind explaining your pet here?" Josh asked angrily, pointing down to the husky. Smith snarled in anger as he did so, dropping the stuffed bird.

"That's Smith. He turned into a husky after playing with a bone. Me and Liz saw that happen." Barry explained.

Edward laughed quite a bit as he looked at the canine that was his former boss. "No I'M your master." Edward said with a smirk.

"Hey! We've bonded quite a bit. Smith's quite likable now. He's a cute little dogie." Barry says ruffling his muzzle.

"I've been his servant for years! It's about time I get payback!" Edward snapped back.

"Well you're going to have to wait; me, Smith, and his toy are out of here!" Barry said picking up the stuffed bird Smith put down, before winching in pain.

"What are you doing now?" Josh asked in a snarky tone, but fear soon took over as he noticed blue feathers sprout from Barry. Smith watched and wagged his tail, oblivious to the direness of the situation.

Soon, different shades of blue feathers with some streaks of black adorned his entire body. His whole body began to shrink down, Barry's former clothes now covering his transforming body as he was stuck in it. His legs became harder and almost looked like twigs as they became avian. His feet turned into talons as his body became more avian. Barry's arms morphed into a set of functional wings as his backside grew out into blue tail feathers. Barry's nose and mouth fused together and pushed out turning hard and blue, becoming a beak. His eyes moved to both sides of his head as his ears became nothing but a few holes.

Edward and Josh watched the clothes pile intently as a small blue jay popped out of it, flapping it's wings rapidly going in every which direction. Unable to use his new body, Barry flew straight into the wall, landing onto the ground unmoving. Smith let out barks of panic and rushed to the new bird, barking in it's face in order to wake it up.

"I-is he?" Josh asked nervously as Barry was as still as a rock.

"I don't know..." Edward sighed as Smith barked at Barry, moving him with his paw every so often. Eventually, this got through, and the blue jay began to move it's feathers a bit. Smith began to pant happily as Barry flew up and went onto his feet. He looked at Smith and flew on top of his head, moving around on it. Smith let out a happy bark which caused Barry to flutter off and come back down on him. Smith barked again and rushed down a hall. Barry took into the air and followed closely behind him.

"But why would he transform himself?" Edward asked confused. "Unless..." he said turning to Josh.

"Hey! I didn't know that plushie would cause a trigger! He's the one who had it!" Josh defended.

"I guess you could be right..." Edward admitted. "Listen, thanks for your help, but I'm going to go solo." Edward told Josh nervously, starting to go the other way.

"Fine! If that Bobby comes after you have fun defending him yourself!" Josh yelled back going the opposite direction.

One Was Free
And Then There Were Five

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