Ten Little Scoundrels

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One Got Too Hot

"Transformation, crazy snobs, locked in a manor..." Bobby said out loud to himself, taking another swig of alcohol. "At least I have booze!" he added chuckling, running his hand down his face. "No more bitchy wife either." he chuckled. "This may be one of the best things in a while!"

In the air vents, the flow began to get more sporadic, like something was blocking the air. Something was rubbing against the vents, and it made a distinct noise, one that went right over the head of Bobby.

"I think we might have to call it." Liz spoke up with a heavy sigh.

"What!? We have to keep looking! I like walking on two legs! Being human! I don't-" Scott stopped as Liz slapped him, grabbing his shoulders.

"Listen! Stay calm, I'll get you out, I promise you'll walk out of this house the same way you walked in." Liz said to him, reassuring him slightly.

"And how do you know that?" he sniffs.

"Because I'm-" Liz was interrupted by someone coming into the room.

"I'm flattered but don't stop because of me." Josh said with a small chuckle, Liz losing her grip on Scott.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him confused, before setting eyes on a clock. "Crap, nevermind. I have to go find Barry." she said starting to head off.

"Barry...is he the one with the dog?" Josh asked, stopping Liz in her tracks.

"Yeah..." she answered turning to Josh. "Why?"

"I'm sorry, I really am, but he's uh..." he began to get quiet.

"No..." Liz said weakly, tears beginning to swell. "He's not..."

"Afraid so." Josh ansered with a frown. "A bird. Still with that dog oddly enough."

"This is my fault! We shouldn't have split up!" Liz yelled out upset, tears flowing.

"I'm sure you didn't know." Josh reassured her, hugging her. "Or did you?" he asked a bit more slyly.

Liz pushes Josh away forcefully, "Don't ever say I did that! He was my friend, and no one is getting transformed from here on out!" she said sniffling. "From now on, we stick together, no one's turning on my watch!" she finished in a confident tone.

"Afraid I can't do that." Josh said. "I'm more of a lone-" he attempted to finish the though, getting cut off by Liz's hand covering his mouth.

"We stick together, for all of our sakes it's best and you know it." she told Josh sternly, lowering her hand.

"Fine." Josh conceded. "You win, I'll stay with you." he sighed.

"Great, now can we please just get out of here?" Scott spoke up.

"Let's try out in the attic, maybe there's something in there." Liz suggested as she lead the way, the other two following.

Back inside the wine cellar Bobby continued to enjoy himself, the air-current more wild then ever. It built up greatly and in a few moments, it stopped completely. The room was getting quite hot and Bobby noticed this. "What in the world..." he said out loud, looking up to the air vent. "Looks like something's covering it..." he slurred, grabbing a small step stool in the room. He rips out the vent rather easily, and pulls out a red dress.

"What in the world?" Bobby asked out loud, curious as to why a dress was in a vent. "Why is this even here?"
He freezes for a moment. "Is...is this a trigger!?" he yelled out loud, dropping it instantly. Nothing appears to happen, and Bobby let out a sigh of relief. However, this only caused his eyes to widen. The sigh was high pitched.

"What's happening to me!?" Bobby shouted out in a clearly feminine voice, a fur covered hand going over his mouth. "F-fur!?" he whimpers out as orange fur grows all the way up his arms, becoming slender as they do. His shoulders crack forward as white fur begins to cover his front, orange fur around it. Bobby's figure contorts itself into an hourglass shape as his waist narrows and hips push outward. Two fur-covered buds push forward as D cup breasts form on Bobby's chest. "B-b-b-b..." Bobby stuttered in disbelief, looking down at his new appendages before winching in pain.

A large bushy tail pushes out from Bobby's backside, swaying idly back and forth. Down below, his manhood painfully re-arranges into fully functional womanhood inside and out, changing Bobby's sex officially. Her legs become more shapely and the rest of her body becomes covered in orange fur, except for her feet and hands, which were black. Bobby's face pushed outward into a large muzzle, her nose becoming small and black at the tip of it. Bobby's hair grew much longer, reaching her shoulders turning ginger. Her ears became triangular and moved to the top of her head. Her eyes became more feminine as her eyelashes elongated, mascara applying to them. Lastly, purple eyeshadow formed on her eyelids and bright red lipstick formed on her lips.

"Oh God, I-I-I'm a woman!" Bobby squealed out. "And a fox thing!" she added, looking down at her muzzle and tail. "What happened!?" she began to panic. Suddenly, something clicked in her mind, and she began to calm down. "Why am I so worried?" Bobby asked herself. "I know nothing will happen but I feel like something did..." she added, her thoughts becoming scrambled. "I got it!" she exclaimed. "I'm not in my dress!" she giggles, grabbing the dress off the ground. She puts it on after some trouble, "Odd." Bobby thought, it seemed like she never did this before. After dressing, Bobby looked down at herself."It's perfect!" she said smiling. "Now what am I doing in this daft old wine cellar? I got to go show off!" she giggled as she walked off.

One got too hot,
And then there were four.

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