Ten Little Scoundrels

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One's Past Caught Up to Them

"Maybe I made a mistake, it's not safe to be out all on my own..." Edward pondered to himself as he roamed the ominous halls. "Perhaps I can go find that boy...no no no, it's safer without the others." Edward reassured himself. "Although if I'm with someone they wouldn't be able to catch me off guard..." he began to go back and forth. Edward kept debating to himself, not really paying attention to where he walked. Suddenly, Edward saw an all too familiar door, one that was keeping Bobby inside. His eyes widened as he froze in fear, but it was broken by a voice coming from the room, one he never heard before, and a female's.

"Hello? The door appears to be jammed! Can you help me?" she asked to no one in particular.

Edward pondered to himself for a moment. Did Bobby end up getting transformed? Or did he get out and some girl get trapped? Or was this a trap all in its own?

"Hello? Anyone out there? I'm trapped in here!" she repeated a few more times, hoping someone would hear her.

Edward took a deep breath. There was someone trapped in there, and his good morals got the best of him. "I hear you, there's a chair keeping the door from opening, I'm moving it now." Edward called out to the lass.

"Thank you so much mister!" she said as the door opened.

Edward was speechless as a female vixen, about as tall as himself walked out. "Thank you again!" she told Edward with a smile, kissing him on the lips. Edward was in shock at the whole ordeal.

"Say, you look familiar, do I know you?" she asked tilting her head.

"N-n-no." Edward stammered out.

"Why are you so nervous? What's your name dear?" the vixen asked somewhat seductively.

"Ed-Edward." he replied nervously.

"Edward, nice name. I'm Beatrice by the way, very nice to meet you." she said, holding out her hand for Edward.

"Uh...right." Edward said accepting the handshake.

"Now then, I'm off to find others to show this dress off to! I will see you again, yes?" she asked with hopeful eyes.

"I uh...hopefully?" Edward replied still taken aback by the whole ordeal.

"Great!" the vixen said with a smile as she sauntered away, her tail running down Edward's leg.

Liz, Josh, and Scott roamed the halls, inching closer to the attic. "Are you sure this is the right way?" Josh asked skeptically.

"Obviously not, but none of us have seen the attic and none of us have come this way; so it seems like our best shot." Liz replied annoyed.

The trio wandered down the halls, and set eyes on a pull-down staircase leading to the attic.

"That must be it!" Scott called out excitedly.

"Seems like it, be on your toes." Liz warned as she pulls down the staircase as Josh and Scott go up, Liz following shortly behind.

"Alright, we have to find some sort of book of something, anything that could explain what's going on or something to reverse it." she ordered as Scott, Liz, and Josh begin to search.

Josh searches through a stack of papers and noticed something interesting. "Hey! I think I found something!" he called out to the room.

"What is it?" Liz asked over to him.

"Get over here! See for yourself!" Josh told to Liz, holding the paper for Liz to take.

"Ten Little Scoundrels..." Liz read.

"It's the poem the Darren read when he transformed." Josh explained.

"So, this alterationist fellow had this planned? For how long?" Liz asked aloud. "Weeks? Months? Days? And why did he bring us all here?" Liz questioned.

"Help me search these papers, maybe we'll find something explaining that in here. "Scott! Get over here and come help us look!" Liz called back to Scott.

However, Scott's attention was caught elsewhere. A peculiar looking mirror. There was clutter covering most of it. Scott began to remove the objects blocking the view. Soon enough, the mirror had a clear sight, with Scott looking into it.

"I can't find anything in here." Liz said defeated, throwing the papers back to the desk.

"Maybe if we had some help we could find something." Josh said snidely.

"Scott? What's with you?" Liz asked, noticing his fascination with the mirror.

"Its so...amazing..." Scott replied as if he was in a trance. Liz began to get up and get closer to him, only to freeze as his body began to change.

"No!" she yelled out, Josh grabbing her before she could try and run up to the changing Scott.

"It's too late." he said solemnly.

"I promised him he'd be safe..." she said quietly as tears began to swell, turning away; as she couldn't bear to witness her friend transform. Josh allowed her to cry on him, hugging her for comfort as Scott's transformation became more obvious.

Scott's skin was becoming more rough and reptilian as greenish scales began to form on him. His neck expanded as his face contorted. His eyes became smaller and moved to either side of his head, his face pushing out into a kind of muzzle. One by one his teeth began to vanish, as a hard shell began form around him, destroying his clothes in the process. His body shrank down greatly as he went onto all fours. Scott's arms became rounder as his fingers turned into claw-like nails. His feet and legs took on a near identical shape as well. A small tail erupted from his backside as the transformation began to end. His body and skeleton contorted itself to it's appropriate form, that of a turtle. Where Scott stood was now a turtle in a ripped pile of clothes.

"It's over." Josh said, as Liz slowly turned to see Scott's new form. She froze as she saw the new turtle slowly begin to move away.

"It's all my fault, he was scared..." she whispered.

"You didn't know it would happen." Josh re-assured her.

"No, it is. Everyone I have tried to help have ended up being transformed. I promised I'd make sure they were safe, and I failed!" she said tearfully.

"Listen..." Josh said trying to comfort her.

"No. I'm done. Be on your way, I'm done helping, honestly I'm done even trying. I don't care about staying human anymore, I'm done disappointing. Liz said coldly, walking away.

"Wait!" Josh shouted out

Liz stops for a moment, but turns and said, "Don't stop me, I've made my choice. I'm going to find a nice corner, and sit there until this is over, whether it ends good or bad for us." before walking away. Josh watched her as she goes her own way, taking a deep breath before looking around the attic more.

"Was that...him?" Edward asked himself perplexed. He enters into the wine cellar, if she was in there Bobby had to have been gone. He looked around for clues as to who the vixen used to be. He noticed the open air vent, along with a pile of clothes nearby it. Upon closer examination, he noticed it was the clothes Bobby was wearing during their encounter.

"Can't say I'm sorry for him." Edward chuckled to himself. "This Beatrice woman, fox, thing is already better than him." Edward got up and let out a loud sigh.

"What did it? The vent?" he asked himself, bringing himself up to examine it. Suddenly, a kind of ball entered into his vision. Quickly, he jumped down and out of the path of fire to avoid being hit. The ball shot out of the vent and rested in the room. Edward kept his distance for safety, but the ball exploded out into a bright flash of light. He couldn't close his eyes quick enough to avoid it, and the blast was so strong, it knocked him out cold.

One's past caught up to them,
And then there were three.

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