Ten Little Scoundrels

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One Went to Hide

Liz walked down the halls of the mansion solemnly with her head down. After the incidents involving Scott and Barry, she was completely done with everything. She stopped caring about escaping, stopped caring about herself, and stopped caring about the others. Liz walked into the first bedroom she could find, and just lied down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She decided to just sit back and wait for fate to take care of her.

And fate would do just that. Liz laid still with a stone, unmoving expression on her face. She wore a completely defeated face, and simply began to tear up. As she did, someone came into the room. Liz didn't bother to care, or even look up at them as she was ready for whatever was going to be thrown at her. The footsteps grew closer to Liz, as some sort of mask came down onto her face. It would turn out to be a white masquerade mask. Liz didn't try to take it off or resist, and simply let the transformation happen.

Liz's skin became more rough as it began to turn green. As reptilian scales replaced her original skin, her body began to get smaller and smaller. Liz's arms and legs became smaller to fit her new proportions as they became clawed. Liz was forced onto all fours as her bone structure altered. As her body went into a small arc, a long tail elongated out from her backside, curling up at the tip. Liz's head began to contort as her mouth went out into a snout, her eyes becoming much larger moving to either side of her head. Her hair fell out as her jaw became larger, Liz's nose becoming two slits. Lastly, she shrunk completely into her clothes. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after Liz's mind truly became altered, the new chameleon crawled out from the clothes. However, by this point the person who put the mask on Liz was long gone.

One went to hide,
And then there were two.

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