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Chapter 79

2nd impossible forest, Cabeza de Inca.

10:21 pm . . .

I’m shaking now with anticipation. My pistol is drawn. About five minutes ago we saw Mr. Green’s red blip appear across the clearing behind the couple. It’s close, now. I want to take this couple down before they feed again.

Juan takes his goggles off, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness for our impending assault. I do the same, staring at the darkest spot in the forest to get my human night vision—rods and cones swapping control in my eyes.

Juan places a small earbud in his left ear with a thin wire that leads to his Motorola. I did the same. He looked at me and nodded. I nod back, and now it’s just about go time. He reaches down to his radio and I hear two click-click sounds.

We wait and a few seconds later I heard a click, a pause, and another click. Juan waves his free hand over his head a couple of times—cover me. Then his hand taps his shoulder a few times—stay close to me.

I give him a shoulder squeeze to let him know I’m ready. I try to slow my breathing down so that I can do this. I’m not a mercenary, but I walk among the dead, so I figure I’m still qualified.

We wait for the three clicks that will serve as the go signal.

Every second is like a minute.

Every minute could be an hour.

The two blood sucking Evils are milling around the fire quietly. Every now and again they approach two of the children, looking at their bare legs and arms, probably preparing for a meal. I wonder if they cycle through the children, feeding off of a different one each time. Is there a pattern to the way they drink off their victims, or is it random and unpredictable?

I hear some barely audible static in my earpiece . . .

. . . any second, now.

. . . click-click-click!

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