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Jason, on the other hand, went back to his practice. He worked independently and that’s the way he preferred it. He set the schedules. He could control his environment as he saw fit. Secrets don’t like to be exposed, and he certainly had his share of secrets! Working alone ensured they stayed that way. Except now he was married!

He’d crossed a line that he couldn’t take back. Why did he think he could have a normal life? Within days of being married he’d already exposed himself. Janice was no fool and if he wasn’t careful this whole thing would blow up in his face. Sometimes he wished it would so he could put his demons to rest once and for all.

Jason knew he’d barely escaped being exposed while in Playa Del Carmen. And even now, he wasn’t sure how much of his story Janice had actually bought. Though he had managed to suppress acting out on his urges while there, he knew they were extremely close to the surface. It wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge.

But Jason knew no push would be required. He’d managed to escape Playa but he would have his revenge in the days ahead. He had meetings coming up in San Francisco and he knew he would find his “mother” and she’d pay dearly for her transgressions! It mattered not who she was, only that she was his!

So he made the trip once again to the Bank to visit his safety deposit box. There were but a few items contained therein; a few documents still in his possession from that fateful night so long ago. They were of no importance anymore but he kept them anyway. And the crosses. His Mom had told him about them when he was but a small child. There were seven in total; the one she always wore, and six others which represented her family back in Guatemala. It was her way of keeping her family close by. One each for her Mama and Papa, her two sisters, and her two brothers. Jason lovingly caressed the small cross that he wore (his mom’s), as he retrieved the next cross that would soon grace the body of “mommy.” They’d be close alright!

Jason knew he was going to a place he had not been before. The previous murder had been a reaction to seeing his “mom” suddenly appear in front of his eyes. He could legitimatize that killing in his own mind. This was different and he knew his descent to hell was assured. This one would be well planned, methodical, and drawn out. This one he would enjoy! That’s where Angie would come in. And with that, he got up and went out into the night. His work had brought him to San Francisco once again. And it was an opportunity he would not let pass.

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