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Janice’s book was in in the final editing stage and she was elated! This was number 7 in a series dedicated to her daughter. And even though her daughter teased her relentlessly about her “little girl,” she knew Joline was incredibly proud of her Mom, the author! Janice giggled at the thought. I’m an author! Me!

She remembered back to the time when Joline was an infant, and how scared she had been. And yet, through the love of her parents and of God himself, she knew she would not only survive, but thrive. She’d worked hard, and the rewards soon overcame the fear and the tears, and she knew she could accomplish anything if she put her mind and heart into it. And now, book 7! And then she did what she always did when she got too high on herself, she pinched herself as hard as she could! “Ouch!” And back to reality she came. “That’s going to show! God, that hurt!”

Jason had been an absolute gem these last few weeks, knowing that she had reached that obsessed stage that there was no coming back from until this book was put to bed. In fact, she hadn’t really thought about anything else, and that was probably a good thing. Since the “incident” her mind tended to automatically “go there” and that’s the last place she wanted to spend any time! My God, that was over three years ago! Get over it woman!

And then she became angry. “Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!”

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