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Janice had beaten the odds and became a successful children’s author. She should have been on top of the world; not only were her books critically acclaimed, but they were loved by her public, and that was the most important of all. Still, she felt like a failure, not in her writing world, but in her real world.

There’d only been that one incident with Jason but she knew in her heart of hearts that something was not right. He treated her extremely well, he and her dad were darn near buddies, he attended church with her whenever he could, heck, he even volunteered at the church on special occasions. The perfect guy. Obviously it was her. And probably it was nothing. Just the overactive imagination of a writer. In fact, she should probably be celebrating. As a writer, you’d better have an active imagination or you were doomed.

She hadn’t wanted to embarrass Jason so she held off seeking out the counsellor at their church. Private or not, stuff always had a tendency to slip out, and the last thing she wanted was anyone to think ill of her husband. Besides, hadn’t he explained it to her anyway? Why would she have even doubted him?

So they eventually settled into their new lives together. Two individuals coming together in a shared space. Obviously there’d be a few bumps along the way, they had to expect that. But that was more than a bump and they both knew it. My God, that was nearly three years ago! Let it go!

For the past while Janice had been contemplating beginning a new series of books based around a set of 13 year old identical twin girls and journeying with them through the entirety of their teenage years. The kicker was that both of them were definitely “their own person” despite the physical label they shared. She had researched this extensively, as well as talked to dozens of twins, and was convinced that there were stories galore just waiting to be told. Besides, she was starting to get bored with the Joline stories (sorry, Joline). And since her imagination seemed to be working overtime anyway, she might as well put it to good use.

Janice threw herself into this new project as if possessed, and as a result, her and Jason’s supposed problems faded into the background. Besides, he treated her like a princess, much to her friends chagrin as “their” guys were a bunch of Neanderthals!

She continued working on the Joline series as before, but now felt confident enough in herself to tackle the “twin” project head on. Jason even got involved and proved to her just how out of touch he really was with the opposite sex! But it was fun! Like it was when they were first dating and Janice knew she had found her prince! Like that!

The years would fly by for these two. Jason was busy building his career, and she was developing “the twins.” That’s when Janice realized how much weight her name carried in the literary world she chose to be part of. The books still had to be “good,” but doors that had remained closed, if not locked when she first began, were now flung open with the mere mention of her name. What a change!

And what an opportunity to share her beliefs through the power of the written word! Now if she could only get a few million readers . . . silly girl! Seriously, these books could have a huge impact if she played this right; just don’t go getting all religious and lose your audience, instead, play up values and see what happens from there.

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