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Joline’s comments had freaked out Janice big time. She wasn’t expecting that. Hopefully she had bought Janice’s version. After all, it was true, the book tour was freaking her out.

But it shook her up. If Joline had picked up some vibe, it would confirm, at least a little, that perhaps she wasn’t imagining things. But that revelation only made her feel worse. Now what?

She knew one thing, it involved Jason. There was something there but she had no clue what it could possibly be. Perhaps because their relationship was too perfect. Wouldn’t that statement make her friends gag. A husband that’s too perfect? They don’t exist. Exactly! Maybe she’d better start paying a little more attention to his schedule, especially his out of town schedule. Funny, that had never even crossed her mind until now. They had such an open relationship and trust that she had never even given it another thought. But now that Joline had picked up “something” she’d better start paying more attention. “I’m probably just being paranoid.” she muttered to herself. “God, he’d be so hurt if he knew what I was thinking. Actually, what am I thinking?” she was in a babbling frame right now, and when this happened, she talked to herself constantly. That’s how her best story lines developed, but this was not a story she wanted to write.

Janice poured herself into work with a vengeance. She’d worked too hard and for too many years to get to where she was today to let some silly, probably imagined thoughts take her off course. “Smarten up, Janice!” and with her customary pinch “ouch” she was back on track!

The next few months were an absolute whirlwind. Two book releases, dozens of book signings, fortunately most of them in Seattle, a few further down the coast. All thoughts of anything nefarious were pushed to the back of the bus. Jason was incredibly understanding and she “knew” she had let her imagination take her to some dark place that didn’t exist in her reality. Thank God she had come to her senses! (At least that’s what she told herself)

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