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Derek wasn’t happy. Claire had headed to Portland to meet O’Malley, the retired detective who had worked on her brother Mikey’s case. Apparently he had some inside info that she had to have. He didn’t blame her for going. Hell, I would’ve done the same. Still, he wanted her here.

He’d never realized how much he’d been missing in his life until she came into his, and now he was all screwed up. Screwed up in a good way.

“I love that woman.” To himself, and then glancing around to make sure no one was listening “I LOVE YOU, CLAIRE!”

Then ever so faintly ” Then tell her, you idiot!”

Oh my God!

And that’s when Greta walked around the corner. Greta, the cleaning lady. “Tell her, not me!” and off she went.

How flipping embarrassing was that! Great! Now the whole world would know. Sure as hell, she’ll post it on FB or something, or tell everyone here, or . . .

Or perhaps when Claire gets back, he’ll just tell her himself. How about that?”

Good idea, Derek. Good idea.

Having Claire around changed everything about the job. Whenever he’d get stuck on a case, which happened frequently, he’d get her to take a look at it. It didn’t always pay off but they’d had tremendous breakthroughs as a result of different eyes looking it over. Often a detectives and a reporters view of the world were pretty similar, but there were still subtle differences, and that could make or break a case. He should know. Several witnesses could be at the same scene of a crime and each one see it differently. That’s why witness statements were often notoriously inept. And that’s why witness statements were only a small part in the eventual breaking of a case.

Recently there had been several cases that were technically Cold cases, but recent activity had thrust them back into the lime light. Old became new again and lines often became blurred. Just when does one let go a case they’d been working on for so long and turn it over to the new guys? He’d worked homicide previously, and now cold cases, so he fully intended on being involved right to the bitter end.

Derek had garnered a reputation for taking care of business promptly and efficiently, so he was extended courtesies not available to just everyone. Besides, if he wanted to their job for them, why not? And that’s where Claire came in. Fresh, non detective eyes and an uncanny ability to see the unseen made her invaluable. He got his man. She got her story.

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