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Claire had let her boss know that she and Derek were actively engaged in a cold case that was bumping up against a recent homicide that had the exact MO of the cold case. This was the kind of break investigators dreamed about. And she would have the exclusive! Of course it didn’t hurt one bit that she may have been involved just a little bit with one of the lead detectives! That’s the breaks!

So they were able to finally put some resources into the case. Claire’s gut told her to concentrate on the crosses. Once again, it was exactly the same as the others. This was no coincidence. But now she had carte blanche to pursue it however she chose.

Her online research had given her a few clues but nothing beyond what she had already surmised. It was time to pound on a few doors and the first door she was pounding on was the Centre for Multicultural Education. If anyone could point her in the right direction, it should be these folks.

It was pretty obvious that the cross had to be significant to the perpetrator(s). But, because the victims were from several different countries; Columbia, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, and now the US, it didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. But at least it was a start. If the cross could be identified even by country, we may have a starting point. Our first victim, as far as we know, was from Honduras. Anything is better than what we have right now.

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