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While Claire continued to work the cross angle, Derek continued to work on the time line. He knew it wasn’t safe to assume anything, but, he had to work with what he had. Six murders for sure, perhaps more, given the large time gaps between some of the murders. Not an ounce of usable DNA from any of them! Still, there were enough similarities that a good eye should be able to detect a pattern. He had an eye for such things and so did Claire. Geez, I wish she had more time to work with me on this!

Turns out she did, he just didn’t know it yet. Her boss had cleared her schedule. Of course, he fully expected her to pull off this case, and as he liked to joke, especially since you have inside information. “Claire, you sure do take your work seriously, but even I didn’t expect you to marry the guy just to get a lead!” Ha, ha!

And in she walked. “Guess what babe?”

He “Surprise me.”

“You’re stuck with me now. Full time until we solve this case. Too bad for you.”

“Are you serious?”

“Why? You don’t want me here? I can always ask my boss for another assignment.”

“No, no, no! But seriously?”

“I’m all yours, babe, at least until we wrap this one up!”

“There is a God!” Derek.

“You didn’t know that?” Claire.

He knew she knew there was a God. Enough word games. Time to get to work!

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