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Joline had been home on a couple more occasions after the “freak out” session when her mom had tried to sidestep her questions. She had to admit that perhaps her Mom really was just uptight over the book tour. It was certainly understandable, and perhaps her gut feeling was just that, a feeling. In any case, her Mom seemed perfectly happy, and couldn’t wait to have the family all together to help them celebrate their fourth anniversary!

So she pushed her intuition to the side, after all, this was about her Mom and Jason, not her. Perhaps her time would come one day, but secretly, she hoped it was a long way off! It’s not like she didn’t date; it just wasn’t a priority. She could have brought a date with her for this occasion but she knew that would lead to all sorts of questions, especially by her Grammy and Grampy, and that would be totally unfair to her date. Sorry guys, I am not ready to settle down anytime soon!

It’s not like she didn’t get the attention. She was one of those rare people that not only had the looks, but had the personality that attracted everyone around her. It was obvious that she spent a lot of time outdoors. Her blonde hair swept her tanned face and those eyes, emerald in colour would best describe them, and the smile. The smile that would break many hearts before she was done! Not that she would do that on purpose, but it was bound to happen.

Joline never seemed to understand the charisma that she possessed. Perhaps it was her humble nature. Humble indeed, but driven, and a fierce opponent if one wronged her or something she stood for, and an incredible advocate for anything concerned with social justice and the environment.

She had indeed become her own person. A person others could depend on, a role she gladly embraced. Even though she was but twenty two, she had the wisdom of someone much older. She credited her Mom for allowing her to fly at such a young age. Go out into the world. Make mistakes, but please, learn from them. Don’t let anyone, including me, set limits on you!

Her grandparents had done the same for her Mom. They had helped her to find her wings when she was broken. They didn’t push her but they gently nudged her towards the door. She remembered her Mom telling her “Your Grampy and Grammy loved me where I was. They didn’t condemn me but they made sure they didn’t enable me either. I’d have to learn to fly on my own but they’d be close by to assist me when I stumbled.” She continued “And I did stumble a few times, but they picked me up, brushed me off, and gently kicked my butt out the door. You’ve got this honey, I believe in you, and so do they. We are all so proud of you!”

Joline hugged her Mom. Her Mom was her rock. And if anything ever happened to her rock . . .

The Anniversary dinner went off without a hitch. The couple seemed so in love. Her grandparents loved Jason, and he seemed to reciprocate. And he doted on her Mom. How could she have been so wrong! She wanted to apologize to him for her suspicions but that would have been dumb. No foul, no harm. Leave it alone.

The weekend ended all too quickly and Joline was off. Final semester! And then there were choices to make. She was one of the fortunate few, fortunate because she had earned that right, and had several incredible opportunities from which to choose. The world was her oyster and she could hardly wait to partake of its treasures.

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