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He knew they were all fooled. All but Janice, that is. Yet, they never talked about it. They made their way around the elephant in the room quite nicely, thank you very much. Jason knew that Janice wasn’t as smart as he, I mean, who was? But she had that sense, that gut feeling that was beginning to concern him. He’d never tripped up, other than that one time, but he knew that she was onto him. Why’d he ever marry her? How stupid of me!

Her behaviour was really beginning to annoy him. “If I lose it again, and I’m pretty damn close, it’ll all be your fault! Don’t you forget that!” to himself.

“I’m going for a walk. Need anything from the store?” And off he went before she could even answer.

She knew he was peed. Too bad. Jerk! And all that without even a word being spoken.

A marriage made in Paradise. Paradise lost, that is. Hell she was as big a hypocrite as he. They pretended well, these two. We should be so proud of ourselves! And the elephant nodded.

It wasn’t like she needed him financially, or he her for that matter. And they certainly weren’t emotionally supporting the other. And yet neither would make the move. Instead, they celebrated their 4th year facade. Oh happy us! Toast, anyone?

Few had ever seen Jason angry. Even he didn’t like himself when he got that way. Control freaks are supposed to be in control, but had anyone seen him at this moment, they may well have run the other way. Thank God it was night for he was not a pretty sight. “I’ll kill you! Don’t think I won’t.” under his breath.

It took another hour for Jason to settle down. Oh my God, I’m losing it! “Please God, help me. Please help me.”

When he returned home, Janice had already gone to bed. “Thank goodness” he muttered to himself. He’d retire to the study for a while, perhaps have a glass of wine or two before he too retired for the evening. They were going to have to do something. This situation was untenable. He knew it and she knew it.

Jason tried to analyze the last few hours. He’d never lost it quite like that before and it scared him. My God, he’d even threatened to kill Janice, even if it was just said to himself. He would never do that! He loved her! Didn’t he? He knew he loved himself. That was a given. I love her. I do.

When Jason finally made his way to bed, Janice was already fast asleep. He studied her, as he would any of his subjects. Just what exactly does she think she knows? What could she know? There was nothing to know. Jason sat down in the rocker next to the bed and for the next several hours he stared at his sleeping wife. “I love you, I love you not . . . I love you, I love you not . . . ” over and over. Finally he undressed and fell in to bed exhausted.

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