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But then it was back to the grind. As far as Janice was concerned, the mini holiday was just what the doctor ordered!

“I knew it was just my imagination!” Janice was beside herself! “I knew he still loved me! And I love him!”

Jason was confused, and as the weeks turned to months, he became increasingly agitated. He knew he loved Janice but he also knew that it didn’t matter, and he’d do what had to be done. What choice?

“My God, man. I treat people for this crap and I’m about to lose it! Again!” And he knew exactly what that meant. So he made another trip to the bank. The last one. He cleaned out its contents completely. He wouldn’t be needing those documents anymore. As for the cross? That was obvious.

This would be the exclamation mark that would conclude this chapter of his life! After this, he vowed to himself and God, he would kill himself before taking another life. But that was later, not now. And he was on a mission.

It no longer mattered who the victim was. It just had to be done and time was of the essence. Why he had ever thought he could lead a normal life was beyond him.

Yet he and Janice had just had the best time of their married life. They had completed a hike through some of the most beautiful scenery he had ever seen. It was no walk in the park but they had conquered it together. And the night on the beach was like no other one before. They were more in love now than they had been throughout their entire marriage.

Jason knew that Janice had been struggling with their relationship, not because it was bad, but that it had become increasingly stale. He knew it as well, and felt that an early exit from the marriage might save her life. He knew he was beginning to lose control. Suddenly the fixation on his “mother” was taking on other dimensions and his desire for satiation was not about to be limited by his “mommy” boundaries. The irony of it was that he really did love her. How was this possible? And how in hell would he ever get into heaven?

He first saw her as she exited the limo at Macy’s on Pine Street. My God, was she beautiful! And on impulse, he followed her into the store. Any thought of being discreet had long since vanished. This from the person who thought himself smarter than the rest!

She was obviously well known to the staff, if the way they catered to her was any indication, and money appeared to be no object. My God, she bought more in ten minutes than Janice bought in a year!

And that’s when he absently reached for the cross hidden in his breast pocked. That snapped him back to the present and the situation at hand. He wanted her! She was the one! And he wanted her now!

It was late afternoon and shoppers were streaming everywhere. He began to panic. He needed her now! Any thoughts of being discreet were long since gone. He was becoming erratic and beginning to draw attention.

“I’ve got to get out of here!” under his breath, and finally he was able to steady himself long enough to walk out the door. The fresh air slapped him in the face and the street bench welcomed him come. He collapsed on it as if distressed, and a couple rushed up to him to ensure he was okay. After a few minutes, he was able to escape the glare and made his way back to his vehicle parked a mere block away.

Never had this happened to him before! What had come over him? And still he knew what must be done. Was she still in the store? And what if she was? What now?

And then he saw her. Just down the street. Oh my God! And she was coming his way! Thank you God! So he watched and waited. She passed by his vehicle and slowly made her way to the corner, and then, as if on command, she spun around and headed for the park adjacent to where he was parked.

There was no time to think. The window was open now but it was closing rapidly. Act now or forget it. And that’s when he sprung into action.

He surveyed the area as best he could, and then he made his move. She never saw him coming but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. She was his and today she would die! He’d perfected his art to that of a science, and with a quick flick of the wrists it was all over. He glanced around, spotted no one, and gently brought her to the ground.

How he wished he could stay with her a while but he could not. He quickly wrapped the final cross around her hands, asked God to take her home, and that’s when he noticed the handbag strewn open. “Make this look like a robbery. Hurry!” To himself. He discreetly made his way back to his vehicle. Then he went back to his office. The sofa reserved for his patients would provide comfort for his sickest patient the rest of that day and well into the night.

Jason may have thought he’d got away with it yet again. But what he didn’t realize was that he had just taken down the owner of a high end escort service. She had lots of friends and even more enemies in very high places. This was not over by a long shot!

Janice tried to reach him but to no avail. That was so unlike Jason. But, she had a meeting that evening anyway, so they’d talk later.

When she returned home late that evening, Jason was already asleep. Oh well, we’ll talk tomorrow. Perhaps he wasn’t feeling well.

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