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No one was more surprised than Janice at how quickly she had regained control of her life. The accusations that she had expected just didn’t materialize. It seemed no one was blaming her for anything, not that they should have been, but people can be cruel. She was especially gratified at the outpouring of love she received from her fans.

But there was much more to the story, and it wasn’t something she wanted to share with her fans or her family, for that matter. Yes, Jason had done those horrible things. He admitted it. But, he was sick and that should count for something, shouldn’t it? He must have felt so terribly alone. Even she had abandoned him! “I wonder what God thought about that?” she mused to herself.

Jason knew God. She was sure of that. Not that she could ever understand how God works all this stuff out. But she kept her thoughts to herself, less they think she was crazy as well.

At night when she was totally alone she could allow her mind to wander. And wander it did, and it usually went to the wonderful, loving side of Jason that no one else knew about. The side that her so called friends were so envious of since their husbands acted like a bunch of neanderthals. Of course, now they were saying something much different. And they were nowhere to be found. Big surprise!

Janice poured herself into her work as most everyone had expected. Her family was thrilled at how well she was doing. What they didn’t know was that Janice, in addition to her ongoing projects, was working on something quite different, something they would have found quite disturbing.

This project took on a life of its own and over time it would consume her if she wasn’t careful. This was her Project X and it would be written under a pen name unbeknownst to anyone but her. And it would involve Jason, the Jason I knew, not the Jason that the world thinks they knew. Had her family known this they would have whisked her away to a mental hospital in quick order. They were just like everyone else; they just didn’t get it!

Had anyone been watching her closely, they may have picked up some signs early on. They may have noticed that she left the house unusually early in the morning, but so what? Probably just going to grab a coffee and have a quiet moment before the day’s craziness took over. They would have been right about the coffee. And the quiet time. But they would have freaked out had they known who she was having coffee with.

Had they got close enough to her they may have noticed the tiny cross dangling from her finger tips. And they may have heard her singing, ever so softly, “Jesus loves me, this I know . . . For the Bible tells me so . . . Little ones to Him belong . . . They are weak but He is strong . . .”

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