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Janice and Claire had become inseparable. Years that had been lost were recaptured as best they could be. But they weren’t going to stay there. They were here and the time was now. They both marvelled at their parents. Janice knew how heartbroken her parents had been when Claire walked out of their lives. Yet they had never spoken an ill word of her. And then how they’d welcomed her back into their lives without a second thought. But that really shouldn’t have surprised them. These two were the very foundation that this family was built upon. They walked their faith day in and day out, and although hell may one day freeze over, this house would stand forever!

Claire would regale Derek with her and Janice’s tales of shopping, and lunches, and memories of a time long since past. She giggled as she told him story after story, he patiently taking it all in. He loved seeing her this way! He chuckled as he remembered their first meeting. She was all business back then. All that mattered was “the story.” Emotional? Not her! But now? He loved it!

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