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They had married January 3rd but decided to delay their honeymoon until late February so they could escape the bitter cold that the west coast was promising. Playa Del Carmen would be the perfect getaway for our lovebirds. Two weeks of sand and surf, so long overdue, were finally here!

And off they went. He was beyond himself. Never in his wildest imagination had he imaged he could have this kind of life. This kind of woman by his side! He was blessed indeed. Funny. He’d managed to stay single for 35 years and suddenly he was married!

They partied into the night, they slept in as they wanted. They took the bus tour to Chichen Iza, and swam in the cenotes. Fifth avenue tempted them night after night. They were definitely in paradise! And finally with but one night remaining, they made their way to Cozumel, the island paradise just off shore from Playa Del Carmen. And that’s when everything changed.

“Mommy?” No God, No. Please. But it was too late. As they boarded the ferry for the return trip back to Playa, their eyes met, she looked away but he couldn’t. Janice was a few steps behind and noticed nothing. But when she caught up to Jason, she noticed he seemed distraught.

“What’s wrong, hon?”

“Nothing. I must have ate something bad. I’ll be fine.” He remained silent on the journey, but when they reached shore, he asked Janice to go back to the hotel without him. He’d catch up later. Please!

“Why? I want to stay with you.”

“Please honey. There’s something I have to do.”

“But . . . ”

“I’ll explain later. I have to go.” And with that, he rushed off, leaving her standing alone and confused. What had just happened?

Jason knew that he had really screwed up this time. How the hell was he going to explain this? But he had something to do first. He’d figure the rest out later.

Had he made his first mistake? Time would tell.

He managed to find her in the crowd. This was bad. There were too many people. Too many cell phones. What the hell was he thinking?

And then he saw her enter the Blue Parrot, a popular nightclub in Playa. He followed her in, sat down at a table and waited. Moments later she emerged behind the counter. Thank God! She worked here. Yes!

The urge to see her had revealed something in him he wasn’t used to. He had completely lost control of his normally rigid demeanour and exposed himself, at least to his wife. No one saw him like that! No one! And now Janice had. He had some explaining to do and he’d better figure out how the hell he was going to get out of this one! Crap!

But he knew what he had to do, and against every desire his being screamed out at him to do, he did the impossible. He got up, and with nary a glance in her direction, walked out and into the blinding sunshine so typical of paradise. He felt like he had been punched in the gut but he kept walking. For hours, until he finally had a story he felt would satisfy his wife. Then he went back to the hotel.

“Thank God! You’re ok. I was so worried.” and with that, she threw her arms around him and held him as tightly as she could. She knew he’d explain himself. She’d give him all the time he needed.

He certainly hadn’t expected that kind of a reaction! He didn’t deserve her! But he sure as hell wasn’t going to let her go, not now, not ever! But he knew he had to tell her something.

“Hon, I’m exhausted. Do you mind if we talk about this in the morning? I’m fine. Please don’t worry. Everything’s fine.” And with that, he undressed as quickly as he could and collapsed on the bed.

She decided that she might as well catch the incredible sunset before it also went to sleep for the night. She poured a glass of wine and made her way out to their deck. What a beautiful place! As dusk slipped into darkness, she quietly slipped back into their room. And that’s when she found Jason curled up in a fetal position at the foot of their bed. “What the hell?”

He would indeed have some explaining to do! She had decided to just let it go, but now this? There was something going on and she needed to know what! He had indeed made his first mistake!

She had not planned on spending their final night in paradise, he in the bed and her on the couch! But that’s what happened. What should have been their final breakfast in bed turned out to be anything but! He lay there bathed in sweat, labouring as in severe pain, oblivious of her presence.

Alright, enough is enough! And with that, she flung open the drapes and ripped the soaked covers from the bed! Any pity she had for him the previous evening had well run its course. “What’s going on?”

“Tell me right now!” For an instant he wanted to choke her. He just wanted her to shut up! But she wouldn’t! “Now!”

He’d never seen her like this! He’d had it all worked out the night before. He knew exactly what he should tell her, and now? He needed to think! To collect his thoughts, so he lunged for the bathroom and the retreat of the shower. He knew he only had a few minutes to collect his thoughts. He’d have to come clean, at least partly clean. In his worst nightmare he never expected this to happen.

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