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Ok, so he’d come clean. What choice? Well, not completely clean, but enough to satisfy his wife, who wasn’t too sure who this man was that she was sharing her life with.

So he began to tell his story. About the mom who had loved him so fiercely, and how much he had loved her. And how she had changed and didn’t love him anymore. Then he began to sob, and Janice could not stop herself from cuddling this little boy that her man had become. And still he continued to tell her his story. About the fire and how frightened he had been, and how alone he felt. He loved his mommy and now she was gone! His tears flowed, and as much as she tried to contain herself, her tears soon met his and they held each other, he sobbing uncontrollably, she rocking him back and forth as if a baby.

Still he told her more. He thought he had dealt with his parents loss. This had never happened before but yesterday when they’d come off the ferry, he saw his mom. Of course, he knew it wasn’t, but it had caught him completely by surprise, and he had to follow her. He sobbed as he talked, and now he couldn’t stop the flow of words. He told her more and more, and then he abruptly jumped up and headed to the bathroom.

She heard him coughing and gagging, and finally he opened the door and joined her once again. “Baby, that’s ok. We can talk later. I understand.” But no. He needed her to know the rest, and he wanted to tell her now. So he proceeded to tell her about following the lady to the bar and how he had watched her for hours, never daring to approach her. He had never had this happen before. “Please forgive me. I’m so sorry! I didn’t know what to tell you. I know it’s crazy.” And with that he began to sob yet again. She stroked his hair ever so gently, like a mom comforting her child. “Shh, it’s ok, everything will be ok.” And then he knew it really would be ok. He’d told her more than he’d wanted to, but what choice did he have? This would never happen again!

“What a tangled web we weave . . . when first we practice to deceive . . .

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