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Janice wouldn’t admit it to Jason, but she had been shaken to her very core. her rock solid man was anything but, and she wasn’t sure how to handle it. Of course, she’d prayed about it, but she wasn’t about to share what had just taken place with anyone but God! Guaranteed! Had she been blind this whole time? If so, she had a lot of company. Anyone who ever met Jason fell in love with him immediately, especially her Mom and Dad. This would have to be their secret.

So they returned to their life as if nothing had ever happened. Neither spoke of it, and after a time, it was if it had never taken place. But it had. And both of them knew it.

Soon the busyness of life consumed them as each mounted a concentrated attack on their respective careers. janice, ever the organizer, had prepared several weeks of Opinion Pieces in advance. But now it was time to finish one of the several children’s books she was working on. She had the audience but as any writer knows, you must keep your children fed or they’ll go elsewhere.

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