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When the stranger approached her vehicle, indicating that he wanted to speak to her, Janice cautiously opened the window. "We want the notebook back now! Or your family dies!" Janice had been coming here daily for the past year. Not everyone enjoyed spending time in a cemetery, but not everyone had been married to a serial killer either. He had done horrible things, but he'd loved her to the end. Try and explain that to anyone. So Janice came to visit Jason regularly, but today was different. She had company today, which irked her somewhat. She liked her time alone, but now the stranger was approaching her vehicle, indicating that he wanted to talk to her. Irritated, she cautiously rolled down the window, and that's when her nightmare began. Again. "We've been watching you. We want it back now!" And with that, he began to walk away. 'Wait! What are you talking about?" "The notebook."He handed her a burner phone. I'll be calling. Tell no one, or else your family dies. Got it?" Dazed, she could only nod. And thus it began. Before long it would involve her sister, Claire, an investigative reporter, who was wrestling with her own demons, and Claire's brother Mikey, recently released from jail after a 30 year stint. Fortunately, for all concerned, Derek, Claire's fiance, and detective with Seattle's finest, was on the case. This had become personal!

Mystery / Romance
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The last year had passed as if a blur. For everyone. Janice was still grieving Jason’s murder, and how quickly it had been dismissed by the authorities. Yes, he was a serial killer. And yes, he deserved to be in jail. But he didn’t deserve to die the way he did. Perhaps her daily visits to the graveyard were unusual. So what?

Claire, Janice’s long lost sister was now back in her life, and as an Investigative Reporter, had been instrumental in bringing her now deceased husband, Jason to justice.

Derek, the homicide detective and now fiancé of Claire, served as the lead investigator who ultimately tracked down Jason.

Janice’s daughter Joline, had provided the missing link that would seal Jason’s fate.

And Mikey, Claire’s brother, would finally be freed after serving 30 years for murdering his father. He had accepted Christ as a young man while in jail, and was now an ordained man of the cloth.

But this morning when Janice arrived at the graveyard everything was about to change . . .

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