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Claire knew was only a matter of time before one of her cases would come back to haunt her. Revenge knew where she lived. But he made a mistake. He should have killed her then. Now it was her turn! As an investigative reporter, Claire had covered every kind of degenerate out there, exposing them for the scum that they were. No one was immune once she sunk her teeth into them. But now revenge had come calling, and it knew where she lived. But, push Claire into a corner and she'll come out fighting, and soon the hunter would once again become the hunted. Except that the pit was even deeper than she'd realized, and soon she and others would be pulled into something much bigger than they could ever have imagined. And as surely as the pot had been stirred, memories long since buried would rise to the surface, and relationships would be tested as never before. This was a game of survival, and not all would be so fortunate. And if a few lines had to be crossed? So what!

Mystery / Romance
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There were no finger prints. Even the attached note had been wiped clean. The message was clear. you’re a rat! The note made it quite clear: And soon you’ll be a dead one!

Claire had crossed a lot of people during her investigative career. And now it was payback time. And this was added: I lost everything! So will you!

And all she could think of was: thank God we don’t have kids!


Derek’s career as a homicide detective with Seattle’s finest was going great, but now Claire, his wife, was being stalked. In their own home, no less! Plus her brother Mikey couldn’t decide which side of the law he wanted to operate on. And that was just the tip of the iceberg!


He loved Janice. But he’d walked away. He didn’t want the woman he loved to suffer because of him. And now he knew who had attacked him and where they lived. But first he’d have to resign from the church. Pastor Rick refused to accept his resignation. But here’s what he’d do. “I’ll give you three months of unpaid leave. Then we need to talk! Don’t do anything stupid!”


These two were tight. But it was time to have that mother, daughter talk. Joline saw it differently. It was time to have a woman to woman talk. “Remember Mom, I’m not a child anymore.”

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